5 days built for you to get a game



The Graves Golf Academy (GGA) 5 day Build Your Game Camp offers students the opportunity to engage in the ultimate Moe Norman experience.  Each student spends 5 full days working on their games, and in that process developing a plan to improve their golf game. The Camp covers every area of the game, from grip to course management to hole strategy, along with multiple video lessons, a full club fitting, playing lessons, and more.

Build Your Game Camps are conducted at our Academies in Oklahoma City, OK, Orlando, FL, and Las Vegas, NV.  See our Academy Locations page for details about each location.

Overview of Instruction included in the Build Your Game Camp

  • 5 days of instruction with Todd & Tim Graves and the GGA Staff
  • Over 35 hours of instruction
  • 7 Principles of Golf Improvement Sessions and Review
  • Full swing and short game instruction
  • Fundamentals Review
  • Faults and Fixes Session
  • Round Preparation / Pre-Shot Routine
  • Chipping, Pitching and Putting Instruction
  • Multiple Video Instruction sessions
  • Bunker Session
  • Range vs. Target Practice Session
  • Playing to your strengths Session
  • Rethinking Golf Sessions
  • Driver and Fairway Wood Instruction
  • Distance Control and Wedge Game Instruction
  • Complete Club Fitting – hundreds of demo clubs to try
  • Lunch provided each day of the school

Graves Golf Academy Moe Norman Single Plane Golf School pictures

The Build Your Game Camp daily agenda:

Day 1
  • Goals and Expecations
  • Learning styles
  • Current Swing Observation
  • Putting Instruction
  • Grip & Address Instruction
  • Club Movement Instruction
Day 2
  • Review of Day 1
  • Statistics / Anatomy of a scratch golfer
  • Practice A vs Practice B
  • Putting Review
  • Chipping Instruction
  • Video review of students’ golf swing from Day 1
  • Full Swing Fundamental Instruction
Day 3
  • Review of Day 2
  • Same Plane vs. Single Plane
  • Statistics and Goal Setting
  • Wedge Fitting
  • Ball Fitting
  • Putting and Chipping Review
  • Pitching Review
  • Individual Swing work w/ GGA staff
  • Video Instruction
  • Course Management
Day 4
  • Review of Course Management
  • Driver mechanics instruction
  • Individual Driver work
  • Video Instruction
  • Review of Pitching
  • Specialty wedge shots
  • Club Fitting Discussion
  • Individual Club Fitting
  • Individual swing work w/ GGA staff
Day 5
  • On Course Instruction w/ GGA staff
  • Round Preparation
  • Course Management
  • Specialty and trouble shots on course
  • Bunker instruction
  • Individual swing work w/ GGA staff
  • Video Instruction
  • Drills
  • Faults and Fixes



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