The 2 Day Biomechanics school entails our most in-depth and advanced full swing training to date.

This golf school is also our most intimate premier program with a small number of Students, giving you a lot of one-on-one time with Todd Graves and our GGA Master Instructors.

Qualifications to attend – You must be a Inner Circle Gold Member to attend this school

If you’re NOT currently a member call (405) 250-6960 to join prior to registering. (Or become a member here)


Overview of Instruction included in the 2 Day Biomechanics School


This School is unique in the fact that it will only cover Full Swing.

The Goal of the Biomechanics School is to give the student a true – Tour level training session that includes:

  1. Basic Fundamentals Review
  2. Measurement / Assessment of swing Motion Data
  3. Measurement / Assessment of Body Function Data
  4. Provide PURPOSEFUL training sessions to improve Swing Motion

Including advanced training on:

  • Grip & Address
  • Backswing Rotation & Leverage
  • Transition and Sequencing Drills
  • Discussion of Bio-Mechanics
  • K-Vest Analysis & Data Review
  • Video Sessions with Instructors
  • Physical Body Assessment




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