Its that time of year. I’m in the middle of golf school season and having fun doing what I love to do most – teaching and interacting with students. I love to see progress – and what is, even more, fun is seeing students having fun making progress. Its invigorating. And I know, that there is nothing more fun for you than when you start to see progress and results from your efforts.

A few days ago I had a “potential” student (PS) call looking for a one-hour lesson so that he could “try” Moe’s swing. (If you know me, you know where this conversation is headed). The conversation went something like this:

PS: “I want to see if you can help me and I heard Moe’s swing was easier”.

Me: “Sure, tell me about your game”.

PS: “Well, I don’t really know if I need it, I’m a good player and just want to see if I am doing it correctly”.

Me: “Ok, why don’t you come in after the school ends tomorrow and I will put you on video to check your swing”.

PS: “Well, I video never helps me so I don’t want video, I just want a lesson”.

Me: “How will you know if you are doing what I tell you to do?”

PS: “You will tell me, and I will believe you”.

Me: “What if you hit a bad shot and I say your swing is really good. Will you still believe me?”

PS: “How can a good swing hit a bad shot”.

Me: “If you looked at the video, you would see why.”

So, here is the point and why I am mentioning this conversation. The way I look at it is that no matter what your skill level, you are attempting to improve. Would you agree? If so, then your ball striking improvement will come in one of two ways. You will practice through trial and error to get better or you can work toward the model to get better. These are the two roads to improvement. Both take work. Both take effort. Both will be successful. The difference between the two is TIME. How much time do you have? If you are like me, I want to fix it quick, get to the solution and then get to work on the solution. If I know exactly WHAT to do, then I don’t mind doing it.

The problem, however, is when you are working hard and you DON’T know what to do.  Guessing is a killer. It is unproductive and a waste of time. Much of what we do here at GGA is to help people stop wasting time. It’s really not rocket science. It goes something like this:

Video yourself hitting a golf ball. Look at your video.  Look at Moe. Find out exactly what looks different. Change it to match Moe. Do it again until you look just like Moe.

Now, you don’t have to do this.  You can keep guessing. But if you want to know the secret to improvement, it is making the above process the primary goal – which is matching the model. Rather than hitting the golf ball. You must enjoy the process and watch how quickly the results will come.

More from the practice tee later.