Winter Practice – Working with the Leverage Bag

Past few weeks we have been getting quite a few questions (through email and on the forum) about how to use the leverage/impact bag.

This is ABSOLUTELY one of the best drills/teaching tools you can use to work on many fundamentals of your swing. If you don’t believe me, as Annika (yes, Annika Sorenstam) – I have been told she uses one every practice and has worn many out through her many practice sessions.

Thought we’d review some of the leverage bag drills we have talked about before and discuss how we can do these in winter practice.

First – let’s review some of the leverage bag drills – and what they are used for:

These are drills you can do in the winter in the basement, garage, even inside (just don’t hit anything on the ceiling…)

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1. The first 3 pictures show how to set up to the bag, how to maintain spine angle, proper position of ball/bag, etc.. This is one of the key fundamentals of proper setup – check often.

2. The next 3 pictures show how to hinge the hands, how to use the “proper grip” to create and maintain leverage in your swing. Remember – LEVERAGE is SPEED – obtaining and maintaining leverage through impact will create additional club head speed. When you don’t create/maintain the leverage, this is called “casting” and is one of the major reasons for lose of distance and solid impact.

3. The next 3 pictures show how to move the hands through the “impact zone”. The key here is to make sure the hands (and arms) are working properly and ABSOLUTELY make sure the hands are leading the shot. Your hands should be ahead of the bag at impact. In other words, your hands should go past the back edge of the bag (in fact, hands should be at least even with middle of the bag) BEFORE your club head makes impact with the bag. Start slow – basically slow motion to get the feeling of your hands leading the shot – then speed up a little, then little more, etc.. I recommend to not do this drill full speed, but rather get the “feeling” of the hands leading the shot – you will acquire the “feeling” by performing in slow motion, over and over and over – great drill to do inside in the winter…

4. The last 3 pictures show the hips, knees and how the trail arm positions at impact. What a GREAT WAY to learn the feeling of an impact position. Make sure to FOCUS on the trail arm at impact (when the club is against the bag), the trail arm should be bent and below the lead arm (if you viewed from behind). This is a CRITICAL position to getting the club in proper position at impact and maintaining a “one plane” impact position. You can not do this drill enough – there is no question, this is one of the most “misunderstood” positions in a proper on plane golf swing. Remember – the trail arm should be BENT and BELOW the lead arm at impact (simulate by hitting the bag).

[nggallery id=18]

1. The first few pictures review the “rules” of the leverage bag – as discussed above. Good to review (often)

2. The middle 4 pictures show how to: 1. Develop arm and hand speed 2. Correct Impact Position 3. Correct Pressure Points in Hands 4. Correct Body Positions (prior and through impact).

We can not stress enough at the importance of working on these positions in a VERY SLOW, almost “boring” type of style. Meaning, focus on correct positions, don’t just hit the bag full speed (as fast as you can) and think this will teach you anything. The impact bag is a training tool that helps you learn and feel the proper positions – especially those at the “moment of truth” or in other words – at impact.

This is a GREAT way to start your winter practice. In fact, if you are one of those who has a winter work out routine – make this part of it. Say, “I will work with the leverage bag for 30 minutes every day” – 10 working on proper set up, 10 working on proper take away and hand hinge and 10 minutes working on proper impact (focusing on different body positions including hips, knees, hands, etc..).

I can tell you Todd, myself, Scott, Brent and “the rest of the GGA gang” uses the leverage bag often in our own practice sessions – and in at least 75% of our lessons and in all our schools we use the leverage bag with our students (a lot).

(If you are one of the few who don’t already have a leverage/impact bag and would like one, please go to: Leverage Bag Info – our Online Store has more information – also comes with DVD that will help you with more instruction and drills).

Good Luck, Be looking for more winter practice in upcoming etips…

Remember – Always Practice with a Purpose

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