Weather is changing. Seems like 60* one day and then freezing the next here at home (Oklahoma). I am sure for most reading this are getting a little of the same this time of year. Soon, most of us will be inside looking for ways to practice indoors to get ready for the next season.

Here is a very simple winter indoor practice tip that is VERY important and something everyone should work on in the winter, spring, summer and fall…. think you get my point.

Chipping drill working on getting your club face square at set up, proper take away and hands leading down the target line with a square club face.

Interesting thing is it is the same in the full swing – hands leading. This is a great drill to work on those hand leading.

First – set up the station below.


As you see above, I took the picture just as you would see the set up (from your perspective).

The Short Game Board is set down with a yardstick parallel to it. I have set up with a 9 iron in the chipping position with a correct chipping stance and set up. You can see the leading edge of the club face is square – you can check as the grooves in the club are parallel to the marks on the yardstick and perpendicular to the edge of the Short Game Board (parallel to the back edge of the board – aka Face Alignment Technology).

To see details on how to use the Short Game Alignment Trainer:  CLICK HERE

Second – Start Your Backswing


As you see the club head is turning with the shoulders in the backswing and starting to come slightly inside. It is NOT going straight back. This picture is again taken as if you are looking at the club head from your perspective. As you see, the club head is no longer square to the Short Game Trainer and Yardstick.

Next – Chip/Hit Through the Shot (simulate a chip and hold your finish)


Again – taken from your view.

As you see – the club head is down the target line – and club face is still square to the target.


1.  Hands are leading – as you see in the picture – there is still shaft lean forward – the hands are still ahead of the club head.

2.  The club face is still square to the target (perpendicular to edge of the Short Game Board and marks on yard stick).

3.  The club face is still in the middle (in between the Short Game Trainer and yardstick). This shows YOUR HANDS ARE DOWN THE TARGET LINE. In other words, if your club head is still in the middle of the SGT and Yardstick – your hands (and hence your club head) went toward the target with a square face.

If you would like to see chipping review and how to use the Short Game Trainer (click on Short Game Trainer):  CLICK HERE

Perform this drill over and over. Check the face angle at set up, take away and follow through. Don’t follow through too far past the edge of the trainer…  this will allow you to check the face angle, etc… at finish.

If you like, you can do this with a plastic/foam golf ball (inside) and check the same positions.

Again – refer to the links above if you are having difficulty hitting the different positions.

Good Luck –

Please look in the next e-tip newsletters for more winter practice tips.