Why We Do What We Do….

I want to thank both Tim and Todd for the single plane.

September 2019 was the start of my golf journey at the age of 64.

But after my older brother, David passed with cancer in August 2019, I wanted to “get closer” with my younger brother, Mike, an avid golfer in Bartlesville (OK).

The best way for me to do this is to take up golf.  I thought it couldn’t be that hard, but I was wrong.

After taking lessons from some very well-known golf instructors in Oklahoma City, I was not “getting it.”  I was very inconsistent, and I could not understand why and what I was doing wrong.

I happen to see one of Graves’ videos. I’ve seen and tried a lot of different methods to the golf swing.  But I thought there was some sense to his method.

I signed up for the Gold Membership and later to the 3-day school in OKC, where I met some very helpful single plane instructors, including Chandler. I am fully dedicated to the single-plane method. There has been and is a lot of hard work, but I slowly see progress.

I became someone who no one would rather play with, to someone that people say, “Your game has improved.”  I’m no longer the highest scorer in the Saturday Skins game.  I’m bringing some respect to Moe’s swing.

I still have a long ways to go, but I’m finally starting to grasp it.  I’m amazed that I can improve my scores yet even not have the swing correct.  My scores are currently in the high 80’s to low 90’s, but I fully anticipate to score in the high 70’s to low 80’s by summer., my second year of golf! (Thanks mostly to Tim’s short game techniques and the video feedback through V1. Every one of the feedback has been very helpful).

Todd and Tim, you are the most incredible golf instructors.  Your understanding of the perfect golf swing and your ability to teach it is fantastic. Thank you very much!

Robert J. T., MD

BTW, I hope to match my brother by year 3.

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