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Received a couple very nice email this past week – wanted to share.

Tim and Todd,

I have been with you since my first GGA school in October 2009. A lot has happened during that time: my game has gotten frighteningly good at times and poor at times when I deviate from the model or my body fails me.
As I write this I am 81 years old having survived pancreatic cancer & dealing now with metastatic prostate cancer. Still, I haven’t lost my desire to play or my commitment to the SPS.
Throughout these many years I have been constantly amazed by the devotion each of you shows to teaching and supporting your players. It’s astounding the new ways you both communicate to help us, whether on YouTube, gold and regular webinars, weekly videos, etc. or the man hours I can only imagine the club fitting and equipment fulfillment load Tim takes on.
As I start into my winter training, I want to thank each of you and your entire team for everything you do for each of us and the game of golf.
May 2022 bring you increased success, personal fulfillment and plenty of opportunity to refresh yourselves both physically and spiritually.
You guys are the absolute best.
Tim Grogan
Brigadier General, USA (Ret)
SPS & GGA devotee
Happy New Year to all the staff at GGA. I just finished watching the clip on maintaining side bend. Great instruction and detail. I have enjoyed the On Demand on my big 65 LG screen. The visual is so good can really see the face of the club and all the positions. I can now watch from my recliner after my shoulder surgery and not have to worry about being in front of my computer.
Graves Golf has done so much for all of the SPS. I was ready to give golf up and ran into someone on a driving range. I watched him hit the shot the same way every time, so I asked where he learned that swing. His response was have you ever heard of Moe Norman, which I hadn’t DUH! I Googled him and it led me to Graves Golf Academy. I have attended two schools in OKC and became a GOLD member. I attend all the Webinars and LOVE the ON DEMAND!!!
The doctor said it will probably be 3 to 4 months before I can swing a golf club again. During my rehab time I can keep up with all the videos with the ON Demand. I will probably have to start over and relearn as they will be replacing the shoulder.
Enough of that. I just want you and all the staff at GGA to know how much I appreciate all you do for us.
Thanks again,
Michael W. Morgan

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