Why Today’s Golf Instruction is so Confusing?

Have you ever wondered why today’s golf instruction is hard to grasp?

I think you will find this very interesting…

But first, we wanted to fill you in on what we have for you…this week only.

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Today’s golf instruction is confusing because teachers or analysts are mixing up different methodologies. Telling you to putt like Jordan Spieth, pitch like Phil Mickelson, hit your irons like Jason Day, and hit the driver like Dustin Johnson. All of which are completely different ways or patterns that contradict each other. Why is this?

It’s actually very simple. They don’t have a model to teach from.

Every golfer, including you, has to have a system that directly relates from hitting a putt to hitting a driver. Each aspect builds on the other. If you have proper technique when you putt, you are training proper movement in your full swing. This is exactly what you get with us along with the support to help guide you down the road to improvement.

Now to the fun part…we, at the Graves Golf Academy, have several highly trained and Certified Single Plane Instructors around the country that are ready and excited to teach you our Model. Below you will find the locations we have Schools at this Summer.

If you are not sure which School you can attend, grab a Certificate at the reduced price and use it later.

  • Orange County, CA – (June and July available)
    • San Diego, CA – (Coming Soon – let me know if you are interested)
    • Denver, CO – (2 New dates for June and July)
    • East Haddam, CO – (dates through September)
    • Hendersonville, NC – (5 dates in September – these will sell out)
    • Newton Falls, OH – (4 Schools left)
    • Ontario, Ajax, Canada – (1 Spot left in June, 2 left in July)
    • San Antonio, TX – (4 total spots left in June)
    • Richmond, VA – (3 Schools in August, these will sell out)

Single Plane Experience School Dates / Registration / Gift Certificates:  CLICK HERE

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