Common Questions about Club Fitting

1.  How important is it to get clubs fit to my single plane swing (or the single plane swing I am working toward)?

It is critical to get clubs fit to your single plane swing for your individual specifications. These will include the length of the club (based on your height vs. arm length), grip size (based on your hand size), lie angle of clubs (based on height vs. arm length), shaft flex and set make up (based on factors such as distance you hit clubs, whether you make a divot, etc..) and loft of club (based on factors such as distance you hit clubs, etc..).

2.  Should I wait to get fitted clubs after I change my swing or do it now?

A very common question. It really has to do with how fast you want to make changes in swing/or create those new habits. If the clubs you are swinging fit the swing you are working toward, changes in your swing will occur MUCH FASTER than if you don’t have clubs that fit the swing you are working toward. You are ultimately working to hit better golf shots with a better/more consistent swing. If the “better swing” doesn’t fit your clubs, you will not see positive results compared to matching the improved swing and club fit.

3.  What are the most important factors in a properly fit club(s)?

The most important factors of a properly fit club(s) are:

a. Length and Lie Angles – A mid iron that is as little as 2* off in lie angle (for you) can and will be hit up to 30 yards right or left of the pin with an “on plane” golf swing. The length of the club is directly related to lie angle and proper length allows for proper set up, thus allowing for a good “on plane” swing.

b. Shaft Flex – Shaft flex determines distance and height you will hit shots. An improper shaft flex can cause significant distance loss.

c. Grip Size – A proper grip size allows for proper movement of hands, wrists and arms and which allows proper release of club. Grips too small hinder proper movement (hold club too tight), grips too big will hinder squaring the club and release (significant accuracy and distance loss).

d. Set Make Ups – Different swing characteristics require different set make ups. The slower you swing the club, the more hybrids you will need (allows you to hit longer distances with ease). The amount of divot you make determines the width of sole of club you need. Less divot, more width of sole. Helps hit ball proper height and ball flight.

e. Loft of Club(s) – Proper lofts of clubs allow you to maximize total distance, distance between clubs, and maximize your short/wedge or scoring game.

4.  How is a single plane fitting different than “conventional or traditional” fitting?

A conventional or “traditional” fit, also known as a dynamic fit, fits the clubs to your swing of today. Or in other words, the fitting is making sure the clubs you have fit today’s swing. They are/will be built to your current compensations. For example, if you have an outside to inside swing (over the top), your irons will be fit to a more upright lie angle.

A single plane fit, also known as static fit, fits the clubs to your swing you are working toward and/or the perfect single plane swing for your size (height, arm length, hand size, speed, etc.) For example, your club’s length and lie angle will be fit to you so you can stand the perfect distance from the ball, with the perfect spine tilt at the waist. At perfect set up for your size, the club will sit perfectly flat on the ground (as at impact).

5.  Do you need a special club for the single plane swing?

No, you do not need a special club for the single plane swing. The key is the club MUST fit YOU for your single plane swing. If not, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to make changes (create those new habits). Our most popular clubs we sell to our students/customers are Taylormade, Adams, Callaway, Titleist, etc… We can get the best equipment to you for your single plane swing.

6.  If I am interested in getting a club(s) – do I have to get an entire set?

No, you can get as few a one club, or up to as many as you like. When clubs are custom fit to you, they can be ordered in any set make up you like (or needed).

7.  Is it important to have my driver and / or wedges fit to me?

Absolutely – fitting a driver will maximize distance for you. An improperly fit driver will, and typically does, limit distance. Fitting wedges (especially the lie angle) is critical. As wedges are often hit with 1/2 speed or less (short game), the club heads will twist/turn on impact if the lie angle is not correct. It is extremely hard to hit good short game shots if lie angles are not set correct.

8.  What is the chance purchasing a club off the shelf will fit me?

Zero – 0% change.  A club purchased “off the shelf” will not fit you. Standard grips, standard lie angle, standard length, shaft flex… nothing is set to your swing. Plus, most clubs off the shelf are set for golfers who “slice” the golf ball. or come over the top. meaning – they are set up for the 90% of golfers who have a “off plane” golf swing. Those are the last clubs we want in our hands.

9.  If I order clubs, how long does it take to get them? 

About 7 to 10 days (maximum 14 days). ALL clubs that are ordered through us at the GGA are custom built to you. It takes about 4 to 5 days for the manufacturers (Taylormade, Callaway, etc..) custom’s department to build the clubs, then the additional time is shipping time.

10.  Do custom clubs cost more than non-customized clubs?

No, custom clubs do not cost more than non-customized clubs. In fact, when you order clubs through us at the GGA, you will get our specialized Moe Norman Single Plane Grips on the clubs (if you request) at no extra charge also. Meaning you will be saving up to $10 per club, up to $100 per set, as the grips are free on our customized clubs.

11.  If I can’t see you in person, how can I get fit (or know what works for me)?

Very easy – as we perform static fittings (see above) – we can do much of the work online with you answering a few fitting questions for us. Filling out a few questions and submitting them to us will allow us to properly fit you perfect for clubs for your single plane swing. When you fill out and submit the form, we will return it to you with fitting recommendations/club suggestions in a day or two.

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