In the numerous discussions I have with students about their golf swings, I often find that what they think about the golf swing keeps them from practicing and developing an ideal swing. What exactly is your swing concept?

Let me give you an example. Some people think that the golf swing is a circle where the club moves in a circular path around the body. Other people think that the club travels straight back and straight through. Both of these concepts, in my opinion, are incorrect regarding a concept that I have found to be more successful regarding how to think about your golf swing. Keep in mind that your swing concept is the way you think that the swing works. The most important thing is that your concept produces an ideal Single Plane Swing. Here is the concept that feel most successfully produces the ideal Single Plane swing – I call it the Inside and Straight concept. Inside and Straight is lead sided. In other words, once the club passes the lead side of the body, it “feels” as though it goes toward the target. Moe often felt that he was “pulling the flag” in the through swing. This is a similar concept. It starts with feeling that the club handle is on the lead side of your body (pivot point) at address.

Address Six iron

Address Position

Notice how the address position has the club aligned with the lead arm pointing to the lead side of my body. This is what I mean by the entire swing being lead sided or left sided since I am a right handed golfer.

Lead sided is where the ball is placed relative to the stance as well. If you look at the ideal ball position, you see that the ideal ball position between the irons and the woods is from 5 inches inside the lead heel to just inside the lead heel.

I always reference the club pointing to the pivot point at address. The pivot point is where the club is pointing just above the lead hip – once again a point on the lead side of the body.

Every club has a lead sided relationship. This club-to-body relationship is how the hands can lead the club into impact producing a defending blow on the ball which produces a divot with the irons. Here is the club moving from the downswing into impact. You can see how the handle of the club moves to the lead side (highlighted in green).

Knowing how the club references the lead side of the body is critical to understanding how the swing concept of inside and straight. Below you will see a ball position chart with the three main concepts. In my experience, the only concept that produces ideal swing plane is the Inside/Straight concept. This is what Moe Norman “felt” when he talked about his golf swing. In Moe’s words the backswing was “In and Up” and the downswing was “Pull the Flag”. This concept translates into Inside in the backswing and straight through in the downswing.


Lead Side of Body



Below you can see a ball position chart showing the three main concepts only one Inside/Straight that will produce a proper swing plane and path for a Single Plane Swing.

Swing Concept