What Happens in Vegas…

By:  Tim Graves, PGA

This past week, Todd and I (Tim) played in our annual Las Vegas Best Ball Tournament.

This tournament is an invite for member’s of Oklahoma City country clubs and is a best ball tournament (36 hole 2 man best ball tournament).

The first day we played Lake Las Vegas South Shore Golf Club, the second day we played Southern Highlands Golf Club.

The first day the wind was steady at 40 mph and gusted up to 60 mph.  Was one of the windiest days I have ever played (and that is saying something coming from an Okie…)

A good example of how windy it was….  I normally hit a 9 iron 135 yards (I hit one 192 (down wind)) and normally hit a 6 iron 175 yards (I hit one “hard” 110 yards (into the wind)).

We ended up finishing first in the tournament.

I wanted to throw out some quick tips for everyone from the tournament.

You need to spend time practicing on hitting different trajectories (different heights).  Too many golfers don’t know how to keep the ball down when it get’s windy.  And it is extremely difficult to score well when you can’t keep the ball down in strong cross winds.  Next time you are practicing to play, work on hitting different trajectories with different clubs.  Remember what Moe said, “I play by height.”

When it is windy, you MUST focus on stability.  Stability over full swing shots and short game shots.   As single plane golfers, we already have a very good stable full swing base, but also be careful that you keep a stable base in your short game (especially when it is windy).  I watched many golfers miss many short putts in the wind because of too narrow a stance.  When it gets windy, increase the width of your stance to increase stability.

The short game is important, when the conditions are magnified (wind, etc.), it becomes even MORE important.  There is no question, the more severe the conditions (wind, cold, etc..), you will hit fewer greens in regulation, driving becomes more difficult, iron shots become more difficult, you must have a good short game to play good in adverse conditions.

“Drive for show, putt for dough” is never more apparent than when you play in competition.  Both days we played with young golfers (20 somethings) that hit the ball LONG…  Much longer than both Todd and myself.  But, it always comes down to putting.  Both days, we were out driven (distance NOT accuracy), but both days we out putted our opponents.  It’s nice to have distance, but if you can’t back it up with your short game, it makes your distance irrelevant to scoring.

The Epic Super Hybrids are AMAZING.   Both Todd and myself put them in play (first time in competition) and they are that good…  long, forgiving and REALLY good off of tight lies.  Longest, most forgiving hybrids we have hit….  Nice to see those results under pressure.

You must know your wedge distances if you want to score well.  It is very hard to score with your mid to long irons, as you will only get so close with those clubs… but your wedges are another story.  When you get within wedge distance, you must know the different distances between the wedges (wedge charting).  (Watch our April 10%ers Webinar – hour long discussion / instruction on wedge charting).

We had a lot of fun in the tournament.  This is the 2nd year we have won the event, but win, loose or draw, it is always a great time putting a little pressure on the game and starting off the year with some great golf.

Would love to hear comments.

If interested in the Epic Super Hybrids (on sale) or our Wedge Charting, please feel free to email Tim at timg@gravesgolf.com

3 thoughts to “What Happens in Vegas…”

  1. I really like hearing about yours and Todd’s tournament results (good or bad). You guys are great instructors, but you really “put your money where your mouth is” when you go out and win with this swing. Sorry, but I’m not really surprised you guys keep winning! 🙂

    Especially, since I’m getting up there in age (close to 55), I love hearing about you guys taking it to the younger guys. It’s funny though. You keep saying that the young guys out drive you (in distance), but I out drive all the guys I play with. Every one of them. And accurate – except for last Friday (but the putting saved me!).

    Keep up the good work, and I hope I speak for the rest of the students, really appreciate the content you guys put out.

    Everyone reading this, get in the Gold Program!!! Such a good deal!!!

  2. Tim and Todd,
    Congrats on the tournament sounds like a lot of club adjustments with the wind blowing so hard. Loved the wedge charting webinar very informative and helpful.

    Brock has been a great addition to the Graves Golf family.

    I don’t do social media of any kind, so I never participate in any of the questions asked on Facebook.

  3. Congratulations! It is awesome to see the single plane ideas out in action and reap great awards. As I study in the single plane academy … I am all in. I love that it is an all around system tried and tested beginning with Moe. My goal is to win some golf tournaments too. I will continue to apply all I learn on video, sending in videos and from the schools that I attend. I feel like a complete golfer with a plan and I am proud of that. You all have fruit on the tree and so I walk in faith knowing that if I remain teachable and coachable that I will reach my goals in golf. The way you all take every opportunity to share ideas and guidance and that you model it for us and not just talk is a great great thing. Keep up your tremendous mission. You are my golf heroes for real. Gratitude 🙏

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