I can’t count the number of times I hear golfers talk about Moe’s swing describing it as weird looking. When I first saw Moe, I thought the same thing – until I saw him hit the ball. Then after seeing his amazing ball flight, incredible accuracy and solidness of contact and when I finally understood it, Moe’s swing started looking simple. Other swings began looking weird and complicated.

Two words are the best way to describe Moe’s swing mechanics – common sense.

Yes, common sense is what makes Moe’s golf swing so simple. For those of you who understand Moe’s swing, you can’t think of any other way to play. For those who haven’t tried Moe’s swing you just don’t understand it. If you did, you would feel as all Moe Norman Swingers do – that it is the only way to play.

The common sense of Moe’s swing is relatively easy to explain – he starts the club, at address, in the same place he impacts. While this statement seems so logical, conventional golf teaching does not teach this simple truth. Conventional golf incidentally teaches to start lower than you impact. Why?

This is a good question. I don’t have the answer – only a theory. Conventional golfers address the ball improperly. But what does improperly mean? It means with difficulty. In other words – complicated. Conventional golfers address the ball in a more complicated way than is necessary – biomechanically.

Quite frankly, Moe figured it out. Thank goodness that Moe didn’t have any lessons from a conventional instructor. Rather, thank goodness he didn’t listen. Moe did however, pay attention – to his intuition. That is what I believe. That Moe’s genius was similar to instinct. He used his body in a way that made sense – intuitively.

On one occasion, Moe said, “I don’t know how to swing it badly – I have the feeling of greatness. Oh what a feeling.” After hearing this, I could only think of the possibility. That the golf swing could be mastered. In my conventional life, a great golf swing was like the weather, good one day, terrible the next. I was tired of bad weather and thanks to Moe, I finally realized that sunshine every day was possible. Golf could actually be fun, not frustrating. It could be a great experience and not a dreadful event. Moe had the answers so why do so few try to understand him?

And why, when we first see Moe’s swing, do we see “weird”.  It’s because we always see things that way when we don’t understand them. This is an important lesson for us.  What we don’t understand we reject. Then, when we understand it, we accept it as truth. This is how I view Moe Norman’s golf swing – as truth.  Sometimes weird is the truth. It is just so hard to accept sometimes.

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