Wedge Game – Pitching Fundamentals

Welcome to Wedge Month –

A month we spend helping you work on your wedge game, making sure you have the correct wedges in your bag and ultimately optimize your “scoring” part of the game. 

Remember – close to 75% of the scoring of golf comes from within 100 yards of the green (your short game).

With up to 40% being on the green (putter) – that leaves close to 30% between chipping / pitching and bunker type play.

A majority of this play is with your wedges.

So, analyzing those numbers – it could be said that between 20 and 30% of your game is scored with the wedge(s) in hand.

So – to begin – let’s talk about what wedges you should have in the bag:


Everyone’s bag should include at least the following wedges:

Pitching wedge (typically matches their set (matches 9, 8, 7 iron in bag in model and shafting). – (Between 40 and 46*)
(Meaning – if you have graphite shafts in your clubs, this club should be the same…)
Gap Wedge (can match set (PW, 9, 8, 7 iron in bag) or can be a Mac Daddy Signature wedge. (Between 47 and 52*)
Sand Wedge (Between 54 and 56*)– Forged type head (spin and feel), steel shaft (weight), C type grind (multiple purpose play ability)
Recommend:  Callaway Mac Daddy IV Signature Wedge (54* or 56*).
This club is built to create MAXIMUM spin and feel around the green.
Lob Wedge (Between 58 and 62*) – Forged type head (spin and feel), steel shaft (weight), C type grind (multiple purpose play ability)
Recommend Callaway Mac Daddy IV Signature Wedge (58 or 60*)

To see more about these wedges:  CLICK HERE


Every wedge in your bag MUST be fit to YOU perfect for length, lie angle, shaft flex and weight, and grip size. 

A VERY common mistake made by average to poor golfers is not having these clubs fit perfect.  This will lead to improper and poor chipping, pitching and bunker play.  Not because of poor fundamentals – but because of improper fit.

To see more about a proper fit:  CLICK HERE

Pitching Fundamentals:

The proper fundamentals on how to use these wedges (in a pitch type shot):

Fundamental video #1:  CLICK HERE

Fundamental video #2:  CLICK HERE

For more information or questions about the wedges for your game, a proper fit and fundamentals – please contact Tim at or

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