In my career as a golf instructor, nothing, and I mean nothing give me more joy than watching the hope rekindle in a golfers’ eyes.

I estimate I’ve seen somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 golfers come through our school programs during my tenure, and I’ve seen this phenomenon countless times, but it never gets old. Now, you may be wondering, “what the heck is he talking about?” Let me elaborate briefly:

The average golfer that we see in our school programs is a man, aged 62-65, who has been playing the game for several years. He’s struggled mightily with his game, teetering on the edge of giving the game up due to sheer frustration, or chronic injury. He’s come across a swing that is advertised to be “simpler” and “easier on the body”, and those terms resonate with him. He loves the game dearly, but often times is at the end of his rope. Tired of never improving, tired of hurting after every round, and sometimes every shot, he gives the Single Plane Swing a go.

Sometimes quite reluctantly this golfer decides to attend a GGA school, and that’s where I see the magic happen time and again.

Day 1 of the school he’s confused. “What do you mean I’m not hitting any balls?” is often heard mumbled to others in the group. But he goes with the program nonetheless.

Day 2 and on, I see a small glimmer start to form. He’s hit shots he hasn’t hit in years, or ever. All of a sudden the nonsense of training positioning on Day 1 of the program begins to make sense. His attitude improves dramatically, and by the end of the program, whether it be at the end of Day 2 or Day 5, this gentleman who walked in ready to quit has rediscovered his passion for the game. He can’t believe some of the shots he hits, or how many putts he’s making. The HOPE is burning bright, and he leaves knowing he has found a solution. This same golfer who mumbles on Day 1 “Why am I not hitting balls?” leaves the school saying “I wish I had found this 30 years ago.

How about you? Is it time to rediscover your Hope, to light your fire for your game?

If so, we are here, ready, able, and willing to help.

Come find out why 70+% of golfers come back for additional schools.

See you on the range!