Using Your ABT and a Yardstick

Was putting in a little practice time today (before watching the last round of the U.S. Open (btw – congrats – Brooks Koepka) and had a golfer next to me on the range ask me about my practice station (yardstick and ABT..). Thought it might be a good time to rerun the set up and ball position article using the ABT and yardstick.

Many times, after our school day ends, myself (Tim) and a few of my assistants (typically Chandler…) will practice a little before we call it a day. After our school this past weekend, Chandler and myself stepped outside our academy and hit a few balls. During our practice session, I set up my normal practice “station”. A couple of our students stayed after the school and were watching us. After a few minutes, one of them commented how much I used the yardstick (with my Alignment and Ball Position Trainer (ABT)) while practicing….. it seemed unusual to me that he didn’t know how important the combination (yardstick and ABT) were – so I thought I’d write this practice tip on using the ABT with a Yardstick.

Here are 6 ways to I use the ABT and Yardstick:



1. Checking iron ball position and distance to the golf ball. If you are going to hit the ball from this position, make sure the ball is at least 3 inches away from the edge of the yardstick.



** Distances form Toe (foot) Line to the Golf Ball (inches) **



2.  Checking driver ball position (DBP) and distance to the golf ball.



3. Laying Yardstick next to ABT to help square face of golf club. When setting up, make sure grooves on clubs are lined up with the markings on the yardstick. It is also an easy way to slide the ABT up and down the yardstick so you can make many divots at the IBP position and keep the ABT square to the target.



4. Setting Yardstick at angle at back end of ABT to check the club angle at position #3 in the downswing. (Review to PVC/Single Plane Position Trainer drill).


5. Setting Yardstick parallel to the ABT forming “railroad” tracks. Will help square the face of the club at set up and help as additional reference when setting up.



6. Divot check. When practicing with the “railroad” tracks – make sure divots are aligned with the yardstick.

Obviously, you are not going to use these set ups “all at once”. I routinely adjust and change the placement of my yardstick checking different positions/areas of my swing. Divot angle, club face alignment, etc.

I can guarantee you, if you ever see me in person with my golf bag, you will find my ABT and yardstick tucked inside.

Again – a few easy ways to maximize your practice.

To review ABT training:  CLICK HERE

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