Unified Hands Theory by Tim Graves, PGA

The Goal of this months e-tip is a continuation of the unified hands motion The goal is to spend some time on the correct hand motion and do a drill that will give you the feeling of the correct hand action and release.

Picture 2. One important factor is that you have enough range of motion in your wrists. You can see in this series of pictures that There is a nice range of both back and forward with the hand. To check your range, hold your elbow in position and make sure you can achieve as close to a 90 degree range of your hand and forearm. Do this with both hands.

Pic. 3 As we begin to discuss the unified hands, we are discussing the hands working together as a unit. As you know from much of our instruction, we feel that overlapping your trail pinky (an overlapping grip) is the best way to unify the hands. In this picture you can see Moe with an overlapping grip and the following pictures, you will learn some important factors about why it is important to get the hands unified.


Pic. 4 From a face on view, you can see that the lead thumb tucks into the trail hand. Moe changed his grip to a 10 finger position in 1994. In this picture, Moe is using a 10 finger grip. This 10 finger position CAN work well but as you will see there are some important mechanics that you must follow to achieve the best hand unification whether you overlap or 10 finger.

Pic. 5 We often see problems with a 10 finger grip because the hands simply are not together correctly as in this picture. Let’s look at a correct grip to understand further.


Pic. 6 The club is in the fingers of the lead hand. You can see that the club is under the heel pad of the lead hand and the fingers are holding the club applying pressure to under the heel pad. This is the pressure point we refer to and is the pressure point indicated on our training club. One important factor is the position of the lead thumb.

Pic. 7 As we place the trail hand on the club, pay attention to this knuckle joint closest to the hand (colorized) in the picture.

Pic. 8 When I bring my trail hand in to hold the club, the lead thumb tucks into the trail palm. But notice the lead hand knuckle is not covered by the trail hand palm.

Pic. 9 The Lifeline of the trail hand (with the lead thumb tucked in) unifies the hands together..

Pic. 10 An important factor is that the knuckle of the lead thumb is not too far inside the trail hand and what is most important is that the knuckle aligns with the trail wrist joint. This alignment is critical if you are to unify the hands. It is this knuckle/wrist alignment that allows the hands to work as a unit. Notice how both the back of the lead wrist and the back of the trail wrist are flat…there is no wrist cock in either hand at address.

Pic. 11 It is when this lead thumb joint and the trail wrist joint are misaligned that you begin to see problems with hand unification.

Pic. 12 Now that you understand HOW the hands must be unified, we an begin to work on a practice drill with a broom that will help you see and understand hand unification and wrist action.


Pic. 13 Hold a broom in the address position just as you would hold a golf club. The goal is to understand how the hands work back and through in the golf swing and how this affects the club face.

Pic. 14 Take the broom into the backswing. You should see the broom will appear slightly turned (on the plane). This is the correct hand action.

Pic. 15 Then as the hands hinge the club on plane, the broom will move to a position where the back of the lead hand is on the same plane as the broom. Notice how the trail wrist is hinged back to achieve this position


Pic. 16 As you bring the club into the downswing into hitting position, the broom will now appear to be in an up position or (toe up) as we often call it.

Pic. 17 Now, with the hands correctly on the club and unified, you can begin to make a sweeping motion with the broom. Back and through. Make sure you release the broom as you can see in sequence picture 6 and that the broom has rotated back onto the plane on the through swing release position. Repeat this motion to learn how the hands work in the golf swing.

Good Luck – be watching for more Winter Practice Tips in upcoming e-tips. Remember – ALWAYS PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE

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