Fact: There is no such thing as “status quo” in your golf game. In other words, you are either getting better, or going the other direction. Fact: Studies show that only 10% of golfers who practice improve. 50% of golfers will get worse and 40% will not improve after practicing.Fact: Doing no practice, or improper practice over this winter, you will struggle to just get back to where you are now when the golf season begins in a few months. Fact: The BEST practice is most often performed NOT hitting golf balls. Working on fundamentals, fundamental positions and movements without worrying about ball flight will dramatically improve your golf swing and shorten the time to improve.

Fact: You can dramatically improve with practice (indoors) over this winter. And if you combine this practice with supervision (coaching), you will be far ahead of where you are now.

As the cold weather starts to kick in for most of the country, golfers typically consider it the “off season”. We would agree that it’s definitely the off-season for playing golf, but it’s actually the BEST SEASON to practice and make drastic improvements.

Imagine coming out next playing season striking the ball better than ever, rather than trying to get your game back for the first month while you knock the rust off your swing and wipe the cobwebs from your bag.


The GGA is introducing our first ever WINTER SERIES practice sessions. This series entails filmed practice sessions by Tim and Todd Graves and the GGA Master Instructors that can be performed indoors. Designed specifically for single plane golfers, these sessions will allow you to work on your golf swing all winter and see dramatic improvements on the course when spring hits. Exclusive to our coaching program members, the winter series will last through the end of March 2015.

These sessions will be delivered directly to coaching program members strategically through the months and will involve drills, swing training routines, and much more.

 First 15 Sessions of The Winter Practice Series: 

  1. Setting up your indoor practice station
  2. Drills / Checks for a proper grip
  3. PVC Drill position 0-2
  4. PVC Drill position 2-3
  5. PVC Drill position 3-4
  6. Upper body flexibility
  7. Extended training grip club drill
  8. Lev bag drill/1.5 Drill
  9. Putting Drills- Focusing on speed, face angle, and path
  10. Chipping Drills – working on flexed lead knee (start of downswing)
  11. Lower body flexibility (2nd move of downswing)
  12. Door frame transition with isolated upper body (hip / shoulder seperation)
  13. Perfect Impact drill/toe up and toe over drill
  14. Static drill session checking ALTIR part one
  15. Static drill session checking ALTIR part two

Winter Training Process:

* Receive/view weekly winter practice session (emailed to you and stored in your V1 Golf Account)

(A personalized V1 (Video) account will be set up with you when you join).

* Practice the techniques, positions, drills, etc.. presented in the practice session

* (Optional/Recommended – included in program) – Film yourself performing techniques, positions, drills.

On any smart phone, Ipad, Smart Apparatus, etc.. – VERY easy.

* (Optional/Recommended – included in program) – Email/Send your video clip to the GGA coach.

(Through V1 Software App set up for you)

* GGA Coach/Trainer will send you back video of what to change/work on/additional drills.

* Optional – included in program – Send in as many videos of yourself performing the drills, golf swing…

* GGA Coach/Trainer will review every personalized video you send in and email you recommendations.

* The V1 Software will keep a library for you of all the winter practice tips and videos.

* Continue through winter series.


Also included in the Winter Series/Coaching Program:  

The Single Plane Academy –

(If you are already a member of the Single Plane Academy and join the Winter Series Coaching Program, you will no longer be billed for this membership – it is included in the Coaching Program Package).

  • Exclusive Training Videos
  • Moe Norman Video Archive
  • Downloadable Webinar Archives
  • Monthly Live Webinars

Unlimited Swing Reviews-

  • Guided, structured curriculum
  • Professional video analysis of any faults
  • Drills and Coaching to help you practice
  • A comparison of your golf swing to Moe Norman’s swing

More Information/Registration:  CLICK HERE