We have just finished our 3-day school in Houston, TX. While the weather was overwhelmingly hot, it was a great, great school with another group of great students.

One student, Peck, approached me at the conclusion of the school. He thanked the staff individually for their help, said he had enjoyed the school immensely, and was looking forward to seeing us again soon. I was the last member of the staff Peck spoke with, and after the handshakes and conversation, Peck made a comment to me that struck me as profound. He said,

“This school has added a spark to my life.”

On the drive back to Oklahoma City late into the night, the more I thought about Peck’s quote, the more profound it became to me. Peck was in his mid 60’s to early 70’s. He had spent the 2 weeks prior to the school playing golf on the Monterrey Peninsula, and it hadn’t gone well. He told me early in the school “I really sucked it up out there.”  He came into the school really, really frustrated.

As the school progressed, Peck was having a blast. Several times he turned to a member of the teaching team and commented “I’m having so much fun!  This is great”. He was hitting the ball better than he had in a long, long time. Despite the sweltering heat, Peck was in heaven.

Back to his comment on the final day. He felt the 3 day school had added a spark to his life. Peck left the school full of hope, excitement, and with a concrete action plan on what he needed to do to improve his game.

And that, my friends, it what our schools are all about.

We don’t teach many young, aspiring tour professionals. Our group is the amateur golfer who’s played for 20+ years and hasn’t improved one bit. He’s the guy who’s tried everything else and is at the end of his rope; ready to pack it in and quit. The guy or gal who is just looking for a little hope, a spark of excitement about the game we all love so much.

And school after school, student after student, it happens. The spark is ignited, and the hope rekindled. This is why we love what we do, and why spending 3 days in the oppressive heat in Houston, TX in July is worth it.

Hit em’ straight!