If you’ve been to one of our golf schools or had any form of instruction with GGA, you’ve probably heard us say, “Feedback is the key to making improvements”.

There are obviously multiple ways to get feedback- mirrors, check systems, training aids etc.… but the ultimate form of feedback is definitely video analysis.

We’ve made the process of getting your golf swing analyzed easier than ever with the GGA Video Coaching Program.

The success our students have in our video coaching program speaks for itself.

Eric, a student in our video coaching program, recently had this to say.

“I just had to share this with someone…

6 months (and 16 video lessons) of working hard on the PVC drill… and I finally got my first video back from Clay saying I “got it”.


That felt as good as playing a great round of golf. I never thought I’d feel so good about simply being able to do a drill right.

Now I have to ingrain it -> and then on to some drills with a club in my hand!”

Keep up the good work Eric! You’re well on your way to mastering the single plane swing. We can’t wait to hear more feedback from other students in the program.

We’re finding it increasingly common to receive similar comments from our students in the Video Coaching Program. From an instructor standpoint, the progression we see from students utilizing the program is very pleasing. Being able to receive a video lesson from anywhere in the world is priceless feedback for our students. Combining quality video analysis and personalized instruction with dedicated and willing students is what makes the Video Coaching Program so successful.

While getting to one of our golf schools isn’t a reality for many, getting personalized feedback from our Online Coaching program is simple, effective, and affordable. If you have any other questions regarding the program, feel free to send me an email at trentw@moenormangolf.com. If you’d like to get started with your personal Online Coaching, you can get registered HERE.

Trent White, PGA