The Machine, the Tool, and the Task

For the last 6 years now, I’ve been a member of the GGA team. In these 6 years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet thousands of people, make some wonderful friends, and expand myself in ways I never thought possible. It’s been a great 6 years to be sure.

One thing that some may not know about me is that before I became a member of the GGA team in January of 2004, I was a student of the GGA. I, like you, was looking to Todd and Tim to offer me a way to improve my golf game. I already knew without a doubt that Moe Norman’s Single Plane golf swing was the golf swing for me, and at my first interaction with Todd and Tim, I knew they were the ‘masters’ I would follow to achieve the improvement I sought.


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One of my favorite things about Todd and Tim as teachers, besides teaching the simplest swing on the planet, is their desire to look for ways to improve, enhance, and evolve their instruction. In recent years, we have begun to try to simplify our instruction, and we now look at the golf swing in these terms:

  1. Task – Hit a golf ball towards the intended target
  2. Tool – The golf club in your hands
  3. Machine – Your body

Of those 3, you really only have control over 1 of them; your body. Golf clubs can be fit to you, but they still are just a tool, and without a machine to use the tool, they are useless. Your body is truly the only variable that you can control, and over the last 6 years, I’ve often seen it hinder many, if not most, of our students trying to swing like Moe. Hell, it hinders me too. My body isn’t as strong, supple, or flexible as it was 20 years ago, and I’d bet a “dollar to a doughnut” that yours isn’t either.

So Why bring this up?

Simple; Todd, Tim and I believe with our entire beings that Moe Norman’s Single Plane golf swing is by FAR a simpler, more bio-mechanically efficient and effective way to accomplish the task of hitting a golf ball toward an intended target.

Here’s the rub, however. For the students who’ve found renewed hope in Moe’s swing, the vast majority simply don’t have their “machine” in the correct working order to move the tool and perform the task. It’s their bodies that are failing them, not their desire or willingness to work and practice. Their machines, for lack of a better term, are broken and need some work.

As I write this, I’ve just finished watching our new Flexibility & Golf Exercises DVD. I had previously seen it all in clips but had never had the chance to watch it beginning to end until today.

After viewing it, I will make the pronouncement right now – there isn’t one single Moe Norman golfer out there who shouldn’t own a copy of this DVD. Period.

Now I know you’re reading this going, “Sure he says that, they’re trying to sell them to make $’s”, and you’d be right. HOWEVER, let me pose this question to you. If you buy a product that helps you tune your “machine”, which in turn helps you achieve Moe’s swing more easily, which in turn helps you perform the task more consistently, and we make a few $’s in the process, isn’t that a win-win proposition?

The Flexibility & Golf Exercises DVD came into existence for only 1 purpose, and that was to be helpful in getting your “machine” in the correct working order to give you the best chance to play your best golf. Simple as that. Go check it out, and get a copy. Do the tests, the exercises, and go forward knowing that your machine, your body, will no longer hinder your ability to swing like Moe.

All the best,

Scott Renfrow

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