Not what you might think

Common misperceptions of the lower body movement

Introduction: If you truly desire to become a better ball-striker, it is mandatory that you start to pay attention to your biomechanics. The only way to do this is to start video taping your golf swing to understand exactly what is happening. The following pictures demonstrate the movement of the lower body.

Picture 1: From the face on view, you can mark the lower spine to examine that the spine appears to move forward. Many instructors have declared this to be a lateral movement and even taught this.

Picture 2: Pictures however, are very deceiving as a back view of the same swing shows that the spine actually returns to the original position at impact. What does this really mean?

Picture 3: This means that from address to impact, the hips must rotate to achieve proper spine movement as the parts of the body are all connected.

Picture 4: Correct Spine movement from address is to rotate the hips into a stationary trail leg

Picture 4a: and only re-rotate into the stable lead leg.  This is where the spine can return to its original position.

Picture 5: By returning the spine to the original position, the shoulders and arms can deliver the club to impact on plane.

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