I’m so excited to bring this news to you today, I can barely contain myself.

You see, our premier, or creme de la creme instruction program, the 5 Day Build Your Game Camp, just got better. A LOT better. Let me explain.

Todd, Tim and I have been deliberating on how to make the Camp a better product. It was already a world class instructional experience, and is our favorite program to teach because we see some major improvements in students who attend them, but we wanted to make it even better, even more exciting, even more of a game changing experience. So, after much thought and conversation, here’s what we have decided to do for every person who attends a 5 day Build Your Game Camp in 2013 –

Attend the Build Your Game Camp, and you will receive a free 1-year membership to our Single Plane Academy Premier Program!  Friends, that is a $999 value all on its own, but you’ll get it as part of the camp if you attend.

So what does the Premier membership include?

It includes:

  • Unlimited Access to the Single Plane Academy website, where every webinar we’ve ever done (it’s over 50 now) has been archived for viewing at your leisure. You can even download and save your favorite webinars! You’ll also be able to view over 100 instructional clips dealing with everything from playing your ball off the cartpath to playing the long chip that hops and stops. There are numerous video clips of Moe on the site as well, along with Before and After swings of students (you might make the site as well), and much, much more.
  • Unlimited submissions of video of your swing, putting stroke, chipping stroke, etc. to our Online Coaching program. This program, formerly the Internet Golf Academy, allows you to submit video of your swing into the Academy, and receive back personalized instruction and coaching from the GGA staff. This program is the ideal way to make the time invested in attending a school pays dividends for years to come, as we are able to coach you to help you reach your full potential.

As mentioned above, the Camp was already a world class instructional experience. With a student to instructor ratio of 2:1, multiple video instructional sessions, hours of short game technique and “game” practice, the Camp has always yielded the best results for students who attended. But as you can see, we have stepped up to do everything in our power to help you achieve your dreams for your game by adding this program as part of the Build Your Game Camp. You can see details about what else in included in the 5 days of instruction, as well as book your camp, by visiting this page on our website – http://moenormangolf.com/schools/build-your-game-camp/.

I look forward to seeing you at a camp soon!