All golf schools are not created equal. There are good golf schools and great golf schools. So what can you expect from a GGA 3 Day School? Success, as well as a clear understanding of exactly how to achieve a perfect Single Plane Golf Swing, like Moe Norman. I consider a guarantee a great school. And we guarantee that you will get the club On Plane at our golf schools. Here is an example of our recent Single Plane Golf School success with a student named Jim.

As you can see the before swing position of Jim where his trail knee has moved to away from the target, causing a shifting of his hips. This “lateral” move slides his lower back away from the target causing him to “reverse” or tilt in the wrong direction.

To correct this slide, the key is to rotate the hips around a stable trail knee. This allows the back (spine) to stay forward not slide backward. By keeping the spine forward, eliminating the “reverse” shift, the arms can leverage the club into a stronger and On Plane position.

Being on the Single Plane (as indicated by the red line), is a result of proper body position. This is the goal of a 3 day school – to get you on the Single Plane, and make your swing less complicated. In this case, Jim learned to stabilize his trail knee and simplify his backswing. As you can see in the picture, he achieved Moe Norman’s position at the top of the swing.

Now, as I often mention in our 3 day program, Jim must follow through with the most important day of the school, what I call Day 4. Day 4 is making sure that Jim remembers how to achieve what he felt at the school. It is important to know that the feelings that one attains at a golf school are the things that the student can take home.

I always suggest that each student practice for a few hours the day after the school. This helps to recall all that was learned and if any questions arise, this is a good time to contact us to find the “feeling” gained at the school. The feeling of being on a plane, once learned, should be repeated as much as possible – as Moe would say “Oh, what a great feeling”!