I recently had the privilege of spending a day with Dr. Rob Neal, the CEO of Golfbiodynamics. Dr. Neal has analyzed thousands of golfers to discover the key body movements that produce ideal swing mechanics.

To quote Dr. Neal, “Its all about getting to impact and reaching your potential speeds”. Understanding biomechanics is to understand what parts of your body move, how do they move and when, in the sequence of the golf swing, do they move.

Dr. Neal goes on. “All good players get to impact where the club has produced speed because of the proper sequence of movement beginning with the lower body, then the torso, then the arms and finally the hands bring the club through impact. This chain reaction allows the golfer to produce the maximum speed on the club.”

The Single Plane Swing, according to Dr. Neal’s comparison the the Conventional swing has three main components that simplify the movement; Spine Tilt, Pelvis Movement and Hand Rotation.

I recently acquired video of Moe Norman hitting balls in 1991. This video shows Moe from a top view – where a cameraman stood on a cherry-picking machine so he could get above Moe while he hit balls. I love this video. Here is a picture of Moe, at address, from the top view.


I have drawn a few lines to show some great geometry where you can see that Moe’s lower back (sacrum) is forward of his upper spine (neck). The ball is positioned at the lower back. I think this is critical for a few reasons. 1) His hands can lead into impact because his body is tilted and lower body can move in front of the ball. 2) The club shaft is also leaned forward toward the lower spine. This shows that the hands are already in front of the club head.

Notice the squareness of the clubhead even though it is behind the ball a few inches. Also notice that the shoulder blades (not front of the shoulders) are parallel to the target line and perpendicular to the club face.

To find out more about the Science of Moe’s Swing – stay tuned. Dr. Neal and I have produced a video to explain Moe’s geometry in detail and you can see the Top View of Moe’s swing in this upcoming “The Laws of Simplicity” DVD product.