By GGA Master Instructor, Clay Farnsworth, PGA

March madness has almost come and passed us by. There were some great games in spite of what some commentators have called “parity”. Even teams that were said to be the greatest of all time, comparatively speaking, can collapse and lose.

I was recently watching a special on arguably one of the best coaches conducting a practice session with his team. It was amazing to watch as his team orchestrated several moves, pics, rolls and overall movement with such precision, all without have introduced a ball into the equation. Imagine that, NO basketball.

All too often (and I must admit myself) we fall in to the trap that we need a ball to strike for proof that we have made swing changes. We have spent many hours putting together what we have called our “Winter Practice Series”. I’m not sure that I’ve actually seen Chandler or Trent hit anything other than an impact bag.

We’re up to full speed now and really almost finished with our schools in Florida. All too often during these three and five day programs I see people falling into the trap that swing changes can be made while hitting golf balls. While I admit these people have invested time and money to come to a school to get the best hands on teaching and coaching on the planet sadly they fall back into wanting to hit golf balls in spite of what the coaches are telling them.

I get it, It’s a golf school. I just came from a section of the country that was four feet deep in snow. I came to hit golf balls, lots of them. Then to add insult to injury each week several of the students will actually go out and play a round of golf after swinging all day. I’m pretty sure that this is counter-productive at best. Swing thoughts plus tiredness equals disaster.

Change takes time. Some times more than some of us are willing to take. People that are a lot smarter than me say at least 21 days to create a new habit. Trust me when I say that it’s worth it. Making sure that you have a check system in place, mirror, video or just stopping and looking what I call inside out. What do you see and feel in certain positions? Go slow at first. Hold positions 15 to 20 seconds so that your body has a chance to remember that feeling. One story that Moe said in a dead-pan manner was that he held his follow through position for a day. I’m not sure this is true but how about we just give these positions 20 seconds?

Well enough of my rant from “Captain Video”. Now let’s go hit some golf balls, or not. Let’s go hit some positions in the swing and match the model, Moe Norman. Once we can master that then the ball will just get in the way of proper movement.