The Formula for Improvement

What is the secret to skill building? Many of you know it but you don’t know that you know it. What you don’t know is that when you were younger, you intuitively learned skills that today, you don’t even know that you know. These skills are “natural” to you now and you don’t think about them. Let me give a few examples.

I’ll bet you eat with a fork and rarely stab yourself in the face. As a matter of fact, I bet when your sober you find your mouth almost 100 percent of the time. How about driving your car? Did you know that you perform almost fifty separate acts every time your drive including shifting, steering, listening to the radio, watching the road, stopping, checking your mirrors, using the gas peddle, and dozens of other things. Driving a car, and many other daily activities have become “automatic” to you as you live each day. So how do you make the golf swing automatic?

I have my own personal formula for how I achieved Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing. It took me a few years to fully develop Moe’s swing to where I was fully “automatic”. Today I rarely practice but just as I don’t have to relearn riding a bike – my golf swing is now automatic. But to steal from one of my favorite authors, Dan Coyle (The Talent Code), let me show you the formula that I used to master the golf swing:

Step 1) Copy the Model Moe Norman – Steal his Swing

How do you do this?  I used video analysis tools. I simply compared Moe to me and changed everything that didn’t look like Moe.

Step 2) Work like a Carpenter 

This means that you need to study the model and carefully match it. Measure and re-measure and adjust what is necessary.

Step 3) Forget about Results – focus your mind on the model (study Video) not the ball

You will not hit the ball well when you are retraining your swing. Remember you are a carpenter and you are in the building process. The finished work will be great but right now you need to build and not get ahead of yourself. One piece at a time is the way you build anything great. This is the way I built my golf swing – one careful piece at a time.

Step 4) It’s All About Feeling

The key to modeling and using video is that you get a feel for what the model is doing. Therefore, the key to success is feeling the model – even if it doesn’t feel “right”. This means you are not there to judge what is right or wrong, just feel.

Step 5) Have Fun Building

Most people feel pressured to be a better golfer but the key to being better is to have skills. Skills are fundamentals and once you learn them, they will be there for you to perform well when you play. Those who are disappointed usually lack skills and I always found that enjoying the process of skill building made practice so much easier. I learned to have fun matching the Model of Moe – the closer I got to the model, the more fun it became.

Step 6) Stop Looking at Golf Magazines

The model of Moe is not understood by the “typical” golf world. Therefore, much of what you read in magazines or on the internet does not apply to what you know now. I suggest not reading any “conventional” instruction as often contradicts what relates to Moe’s swing as a model. Always remember that the goal is to be simple and repeatable.

Finally, when I am helping others learn to simplify their golf swings the way I did years ago, I believe that the process is somewhat transformational. This process is to develop and build not just fix. I think that many people think they need “fixing” when they actually just need to rebuild one step at a time – just like a carpenter.



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