There’s a first time for everything. The first time we pick up a club, the first time we make a birdie, our first hole in one. It is these first times that scare us and excite us at the same time. They get our adrenaline flowing.

For students at our schools, there are many firsts as well. I am always excited for our golf school students; I’ve seen enough to know that for those who are willing to go through the process, there are some really fun and exciting “firsts” that await them in their golf games.

So with all this talk of firsts, our team decided to create a first of our own this summer – we will be conducting our very first 5-day Single Plane Build Your Game Camp in Chicago, Illinois on June 27th-July 1st.

Prairie Landing Chicago

For the entire history of GGA, we have always conducted our Single Plane Build Your Game Camps at our “home” locations like Orlando, Fl., Oklahoma City, OK, or Las Vegas, NV. It’s been rare, nearly nonexistent that we have tried to conduct our most in-depth schools at satellite locations.

However, this year we decided to branch out. To take a risk and bring the Camp to the Chicago area.

The 5-day Single Plane Build Your Game Camp in Chicago will be held at Prairie Landing Golf Club in West Chicago. Prairie Landing is one of our team’s favorite stops for several reasons, including:

  • Private instruction tee box on the range that will hold up to 30 people. This is a massive range with plenty of room to spread out and get some great work done. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of a normal range, so distractions are at a minimum.
  • Great range balls. Prairie Landing is serious about their practice areas, and they keep the golf balls in very, very good condition. In fact, most years we’ve done schools there, they open brand new balls just for our students.
  • Three practice holes completely separate from the course. This is the only course we visit that has such amenities.
  • An amazing practice green. The practice green could easily hold 30 people, and is kept in top notch condition.
  • A dedicated pitching/bunker area. Unheard of in most locations, Prairie Landing offers a dedicated green to practice longer wedge shots (pitching) and your bunker game. It’s amazing.
  • 18 holes of Trent Jones, Jr. links style design. Bottom line; the course is a blast to play.

I’m so excited to bring the Camp to Chicago, it’s going to be an absolute wonderful week! The only problem is this:

There will only be this ONE Single Plane Build Your Game Camp in that region of the U.S. in 2016. Once it’s done, it will be at least another year before we will realistically get back to the Chicagoland area.

Join us for this first, and let’s get some positive results for your game!