What if I told you that nothing that there is no book or video that can teach you the Single Plane golf swing? What if I told you that no teacher, not even me, can teach you the golf swing. You would probably think that I’m crazy – right? Well, what I am telling you is the truth. The only things that videos, books and a lesson from me can teach you is the FEELING of the Single Plane Swing.

Great instruction doesn’t just change your mind – it changes how you feel. There is nothing more important to your golf swing improvement and transformation than feeling exactly what is correct. If I could give you one goal, right now, I would tell you to find out what the correct golf swing FEELS like. Feelings are the key to improvement. So, exactly how to you learn feel?

Here is my process for learning feel:

1) Learn what correct looks like (observe the Model of Moe Norman)

2) Observe yourself moving like the model using a mirror or video

3) Move in Slow Motion to exactly match the model

4) Once you are moving correctly, close your eyes to just FEEL it

5) Once you achieve perfect slow movement, start speeding up the movement but do not sacrifice form for speed

6) When you can move with speed (correctly) then learn to repeat it many times (repetition is key)

As you can see in this process, that the most important part of learning the FEEL of proper movement is to maintain the proper form. You must learn to trust that somewhere in your neurology, you are recording and learning every movement. Similar to carving a notch in a tree, each time you practice you are digging a deeper grove. But before you start carving, let me give you some words of caution.

Caution 1: It is OK to make mistakes when you practice ONLY if you immediately correct them. 

Caution: 2: Never Sacrifice form for results

All practice has an element of “trial and error” where you are tying a new feeling to get a different result. The difference in how I am recommending to practice is relative to what you consider a result. If you are to make progress with your golf swing technique, which is the mechanics of your swing, then the result you are “attempting” to produce is a “move” or a “feeling”. This is much different than trying to hit the golf ball well. Most golfers practice to hit the ball well but this would be like only training how to box when you are in the ring with our opponent. Getting beat up is no way to learn.

The best way to learn is to start making the proper movements, feel them and then APPLY them to striking a golf ball. This is what I consider PHASE 1 of the learning process. In the next Blog, I will discuss Phase 2.