For most of the country, it’s now winter. For many of us, the clubs are put away, and we can only dream of getting back on the course, and the Masters can’t get here fast enough. For a lover of the game of golf, this time of year is miserable.

As you may (or may not) know, the entire GGA team heads to Orlando, Florida in late January each year and we have our first 3-day school of the year. When we first put this January school on the calendar, our alumni thought we were nuts.

golf school?  In January?

However, after a few years, we started noticing a trend from those golfers who attended the January school.

They seemed to get a “jump” on the golf season. 

We were getting several comments back from those students that when the weather thawed and they were able to get back on the course, their games were way better than the previous year. They hit the ball straighter, made more putts, chipped the ball closer to the hole, and their enjoyment increased.

Why is this?

It’s simple really. When you come to a golf school during the off season, you simply can’t run back home and jump on the golf course. While many think this is a curse, it’s a blessing in disguise.

You see, after you get home, you’ll have specific things to work on in your swing, your putting, chipping, and pitching. The school will give you ways to practice all aspects of your game away from the course, indoors. This forced indoor practice will help you make more progress in a shorter time frame than you’ve ever experienced before.

So, our data shows that our “January students” come out of the gate running, that these early birds are getting a head start on everyone else. The questions are:

Are you up to being an Early bird?

Our January school for 2015 is scheduled for the 23rd-25th. At this writing, it is approximately 55% filled. If you’re ready to join the early birds, then jump over HERE and get you a spot. In addition, you can see the full details about what will go on in those 3 days on this PAGE.


I look forward to seeing you in Orlando!


P.S. Just as a side note, this January school is also the first school after a break for the GGA Instruction team. After the break, the guys are rested and ready to rock come January.