Thanks for the Reminder

(Follow up to “One Thing at a Time Article” – )
(From Tim F. (Auburn, WA))
Awesome ..
Thank you for the teaching
Lucky young man!
Reminds me of a GREAT story when I coached my brothers 13-14 year old baseball team.
Something about proper warm up during practices (Every practice) and proper sequencing of your practices.
Jogging, stretching, then throwing, relay drills every practice.
Then infield outfield and finally hitting.
First game. Opposing player jacks a drive in the whole in right center…
My brother and I jump up and yell RELAY, RELAY to third.
They executed it flawlessly. Nailed the guy at third by 8 feet, wasn’t even close.
Everyone was shocked.
The kids came into the dugout beaming!
About five innings later, same game… exact same thing happened ( I guess it was ordained)
Shot to the gap in right center, again my brother and I jump up and yell in unison, Relay, Relay to third…
Both relay’s were actually double relays as the opponent had hit the ball that far, and they are only 13-14 year olds.
Again, nailed the runner at third, wasn’t even close.
My brother looked over at me and said, Tim, this really works!
The players now believed in their coaches.
It was amazing!
Thanks for the reminder.
Tim Flynn (Auburn, WA)

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