Single Plane Experience Three (3) Day Premier school Five (5) Day Build Your Game Camp
Total Hours of instruction 7 21 35
Instruction Staff Licensed Instructors Master Instructors Master Instructors
Student to Instructor Ratio 5:1 4:1 2:1
Basic Student Manual Yes Yes Yes
Basic Full Swing Instruction Yes Yes Yes
Basic Putting Instruction Yes Yes Yes
Basic Chipping/Pitching Instruction Yes Yes Yes
Personal Video Analysis 0 1 up to 4
Question & Answers sessions with Master Instructors 0 2 4
Extensive Student Manual   Yes Yes
GGA Hat   Yes Yes
Advanced Full Swing instruction   Yes Yes
Advanced Putting Instruction   Yes Yes
Advanced Chipping/Pitching Instruction   Yes Yes
Comprehensive Club Fitting   Yes Yes
Lunches with Master Instructors   Yes Yes
Course Management Instruction   Yes Yes
Range vs. Target Practice Session   Yes Yes
Rethinking Golf Session   Yes Yes
Multiple Personal Video Analyses (up to 4)     Yes
Bunker Instruction     Yes
Faults & Fixes Session     Yes
Round Preparation / Pre-Shot Routine     Yes
Ball Fitting Session     Yes
7 Principles Session & Review     Yes
1 year of Coaching Program included ($1,000 value)     Yes
Sidehill / Unusual Lies / Specialty Shots     Yes