Ten Tips to Making Changes in Your Golf Swing

This past week we held our first 5 Day Camp at our home academy (in OKC) in 2013.

The level of golfers ranged on the scale basically as much as you can…. from a student who was just beginning to a student that just missed out qualifying for the 2nd stage of the U.S. Open by a shot (a couple of weeks ag0).

The interesting point (and many of you that know me, I will always take this opportunity) was no matter what level golfer you are now, if you want to make changes in your golf swing you MUST still adhere to the same principles…

With that in mind, here are 10 tips that will help you make changes in your golf swing:

1.  You must ENJOY the process of making changes and you must COMMIT to the process.

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they “weren’t sure” if this swing would work for them or not… If you want to make changes and want to be successful with the changes you make, you must first enjoy the process of making changes and must commit to the process. I will tell you the same thing I tell all those that “aren’t sure” … don’t change. If there is a doubt, it won’t work. You will always have an “out”, if you don’t give yourself and “out” – you will be successful. We have seen 1,000s of students who have made incredible changes and seen incredible success – and without a doubt, they enjoy the process and are committed to making changes.

2.  Know what you need to change.

Don’t guess. If you guess, you will probably guess wrong. You need to do some research, study the instructional video(s), compare to your swing, etc… etc. before you start to make changes. It is not that hard. The best start is to study/watch our Single Plane Solution instructional DVD and compare to what you are currently doing. You can see it at: CLICK HERE If you get a chance to see us in person – even better. I guarantee you will have many areas to work on and to make changes.
But, whether working on yourself, or seeing us in person, you need to be specific about areas to work on… know what you need to change.

3.  Take time making changes.

Give it time. Don’t rush it. Relax. Understand it takes time. If you relax, take your time, allow time to make changes, the changes will “stick” and it will seem MUCH easier…. Those that rush the changes tend to revert back to their old habits. You have time… give it time, some changes will take more time than others. For example, grip changes tend to take a lot more time than other changes…. Set up changes tend to happen a little faster… Again, give it time. If you don’t “rush” yourself, you won’t have to repeat the change again…

4.  Create a new habit, don’t break a bad habit.

Over years of teaching (close to 30 combined be Todd and myself), we have definitely come to this conclusion. If you want to make changes, you must work on creating new habits, not breaking bad habits. Your brain must focus on the new habit (new move/position) you want, not the one you are trying to “break”. Think of a “giant eraser” – erase the bad habit and replacing with a new habit. Don’t focus on the bad/old habit, but rather the good new habit/position. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. This is a form of positive vs. negative thinking… Focus on the positive good/new habit.. the changes will occur much faster.

5. Exaggerate…

Pretty much explanation enough…. Exaggerate every change you are trying to make. The old saying, “you must feel like you are giving a mile to give an inch” is SO TRUE… If you want to make changes, and make them fast (or as fast as you can..) – exaggerate the changes. When you make changes, they should be uncomfortable, which leads us to:

6.  Changes will and should feel uncomfortable (for a while).

If you are making changes in your golf swing/positions, these changes SHOULD and WILL feel uncomfortable for a while. If you are making a change and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at first, chances are you did not make a change. Uncomfortable does not mean hurt… please understand this. So many think uncomfortable means hurt/pain. That is very far from correct. Uncomfortable means different, not the same, unusual, etc. not associated with pain, hurt, etc. If there is “pain”, chances are the changes you are making are not correct. Feeling different or unusual is good. And this is something you are looking for as to make certain changes are being made. Over time, as you work on the same change, it will become less and less uncomfortable.

7.  Be persistent / stubborn.

I am always looking for a good word for this… Persistent, stubborn, “hard headed”, tenacious, unrelenting, constant, fixed, etc….  Sure you can think of a few… Those with these characteristics and work on making changes in their golf swing definitely have the most success. Some call it being “tough on yourself” … but still having fun while making the changes. There will be some changes that are tougher than others.  Keep working, stay positive and understand in time the changes will pay off big time in your golf game.

8.  Check, check again and again…

When making changes in your golf swing, continually check to make sure those changes “stick”. So many don’t give it enough time and tend to revert back to the “old habits/positions”. If you have a “check system” with the changes you are making, you can make sure the changes are sticking…  It is not that difficult…. in fact, in most of our instruction we cover many “check points” to different areas of the swing and short game. Check, check and check again (something you will do forever.. but that is a good thing… nothing builds confidence like checking your changes and realizing they are perfect!)

9.  Do in short segments.

When you are working on creating new habits, do in short segments. It is much better and easier to focus in “short segments”. In other words, work on something for 15 minutes, give yourself a break, and then work on it some more. If you “overdo” it, you will lose focus, you will “revert” to the old habit, etc… Short segments, maintain focus, check your changes, etc.

10.  Take notes.

When you figure something out, when you know you have made a change, when you have an “aha” moment – write it down.  It is amazing what you will remember when you write it down. I have said this to my students over and over and over and over again… If you don’t want to have to repeat, do it again, write it down. Make note of it. You can always review the notes and if necessary, will definitely help you through the process MUCH FASTER the next time. When we talk to our alumni of our schools this is always a point they recommend to tell new students. Make sure and take notes on EVERYTHING you are working on…

Many of you have read articles I have written about this topic in the past. But, as we always tell our students the first part of every school, the fundamentals of Moe’s swing really aren’t that hard (and are definitely much easier than most other golf swings). The difficult part is trying to get adults to make changes. Once a student “allows changes to happen” – it really is a pretty easy process….

As Moe said when asked what we should tell our students, he replied: “Tell them to get out of their own way.”

These 10 tips will help you get out of your own way as Moe said.

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