At age 41, I grew up in the culture that talented individuals were born with special gifts, talents if you will, that the rest of us did not possess. We’ve all known people like this, people who seem to be “gifted” and can adapt to learning new skills seemingly with ease.

These folks are celebrated in our culture, movies are made about them, they are featured on TV, showcasing their God given talents. We admire them, put them on a pedestal, even worship them. And in most cases, envy them, as we just feel like we were dealt a different hand in life.

Over my career with GGA, I think a lot of you reading this article are of the same mindset that I describe above.

Now, being the eternally inquisitive person that I am, along with another seeker like Todd, it’s come to light that talent may not just be a God-given gift after all. Research has emerged, and been brought to the public that talent, in fact, is earned through our repetitive actions. I have seen this firsthand, countless times in our golf school programs, and I have experienced this personally as well.

While the supporting research is there, my practical experience in regards to learning the golf swing, is that our bodies will do whatever our brains tell it to do. Now that comment may have thrown you a bit.

Our bodies will do whatever our brain tells it to do.

For years we’ve heard about muscle memory, which is not the case, but rather our muscles are doing what our brains are telling them to do. You see, when we repeat a physical action regularly, over time, our brains ‘hard wire’ that movement into a subconscious process. This repetition, over time, produces neural connections in our brains, and those connections are insulated with a substance known as myelin. Think of myelin like an insulator on an electrical wire. An insulated electrical wire will carry the current much more efficiently than an uninsulated wire.

This is why we can brush our teeth, drive a car, tie a neck tie, tie our shoes, or sign our signature without conscious thought. And we can do those thinks quickly.  Why?  Because the neural connections in our brains controlling our muscle performing those tasks are highly insulated with myelin.

GGA schools are all about helping you build myelin.

Our school programs are centered around the firm belief that you can master the swing through practicing correctly over time. What we strive to help each student experience in the school programs is the feeling of the ideal mechanics. And then to repeat that feeling, under the watchful eye of an instructor. We know without a doubt that this process is a 100% effective way for you to improve your swing, and your game.

So, you see, our school programs are the place for you to not only build new feelings, but practice them. Our goal is for you to leave your experience with the correct fundamental feelings of your perfect golf swing, and armed with the tools you need to put in the time and repetition needed to perfect them.

In closing, we think of our schools more as “talent development” programs, than golf schools. Are you ready to develop your talent? If so, we look forward to seeing you soon and helping you in person earn your talent!

You can see our upcoming “Talent Development” programs on our school calendar page