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Thank You Conventional Golf

What do I say to all of the teachers of conventional methods, and any golf instructor NOT teaching the Single Plane Swing? I would say – thank you.  Thank you for the job security. Your job is difficult because not … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Simple

Skills, such as playing a musical instrument or striking a golf ball are complicated tasks learned through repetition. The brain requires a certain amount of reinforcement and repetition to retain a sub-conscious – non-thinking action that we call “skill”. When … Continue reading

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Perfect Practice – Moe Story

Hi Everyone, One of the best times we have at our schools is having lunch with all our students. My staff and our students spend about 45 minutes each school day enjoying lunch (and a good break). It always seems … Continue reading

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Swing Plane is Swing Plane – Just ask Bruce

Swing Plane is Swing Plane – Just ask Bruce by Todd Graves

A few years ago, a good friend and student of GGA’s decided to venture into the conventional world of golf swing mechanics and various methods including the Golfing Machine. Luckily Bruce is an incredibly smart guy – and dedicated to say the least. Like many who can get confused in the world of golf instruction, Bruce has come full circle – returning to a GGA school this spring.

Bruce’s story is not unlike my own and I enjoyed talking to Bruce about his adventure in which I am sure he found some answers to his questions Continue reading

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I Gave Myself A Chance

“I gave myself a chance” was Moe’s way of describing how he prepared himself to play and perform his best. This was the way Moe maneuvered his golf game and his life. He prepared himself and played golf from a … Continue reading

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Winter Practice – Working with the Leverage Bag

Past few weeks we have been getting quite a few questions (through email and on the forum) about how to use the leverage/impact bag. This is ABSOLUTELY one of the best drills/teaching tools you can use to work on many … Continue reading

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One Thing at a Time

I wanted to tell everyone a story about a student I (Tim) have been teaching the past few months. Of course, as always, story is to help those who read it… I have to teach a young man from Edmond, … Continue reading

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