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Feel Your Swing

  What does it feel like to swing like Moe Norman? Yet we all experience feelings every time we play golf and go to the range. We feel the club, the movement of our body and the contact with the … Continue reading

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Feeling Moe’s swing with the Single Plane Trainer (SPT)

Jokingly I asked Moe if he would sell me his swing.  He said “Sure, for ten thousand dollars but you can’t buy talent” he said. If I could have purchased Moe’s golf swing without having to work at it I … Continue reading

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I Don’t want you Satisfifed

  “Do we have audio?” – Check. “Camera on?” – Thumbs up. “So let me take a few questions. First question “What is the difference between what you teach and Natural Golf”. Answer, “Nothing and Everything – Next question.” The … Continue reading

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