Swing Plane is Swing Plane – Just ask Bruce by Todd Graves

A few years ago, a good friend and student of GGA’s decided to venture into the conventional world of golf swing mechanics and various methods including the Golfing Machine. Luckily Bruce is an incredibly smart guy – and dedicated to saying the least. Like many who can get confused in the world of golf instruction, Bruce has come full circle – returning to a GGA school this spring.

Bruce’s story is not unlike my own and I enjoyed talking to Bruce about his adventure in which I am sure he found some answers to his questions.

I have also spent some time in this world of Golf Swing Mechanics, a few years the Golf Machine and a few more with Hank Haney – now Tiger Woods teacher. Like Bruce, I learned a lot about the golf swing in those years and it was good for me, I needed the education.

Learning conventional mechanics and Haney’s understanding of swing plane most likely made it possible for me to understand why Moe was so great. What I learned is that it always comes down to club movement and swing plane.

Moe discovered the Single Plane – an easier way and the best way to swing the club on plane and strike a golf ball.

The goal of every person on a search for a better golf swing should be to find a simple way to move the club on plane. Simple is the key word here. I don’t mean to speak for Bruce here, however, I think he would agree, that keeping it simple is more fun and makes more sense.

Since attending the GGA school, Bruce sent a video of his swing progress.


As you can see in the video of Bruce’s swing, he is clearly moving the club on plane and striking the ball better. As I mentioned in the video, as a technical guy myself, I rarely see perfect golf swings but even Bruce will admit, he is sure looking like Moe.