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If I had to summarize the success of Graves Golf this recent testimonial says it better than I ever could – and makes every bit of our efforts worthwhile.

Hi Tim,

I am going to send you two emails. The second has to do with my swing trainer. But before I forget to do this, I want to say a couple of things. I attended the one day single plane training in Anaheim with Pat on September 27th. And I just followed up with another one on one session with Pat on Tuesday, Christmas eve. I was the only student at the all day session. At first I was concerned about being the only student, but I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time I had. This experience was supplemented by my 2nd session just a couple of days ago. 
I wanted you to know, which I am sure you do, that I think Pat is tremendous. He is smart, patient, funny and absolutely a tremendous representative of your golf philosophy and your company. Time literally flies by when I am with him. He constantly refers to you and to Todd regarding the positions, the process, how to practice, how to score better, etc. You have a great person in Pat working for you. And of course, he has no idea I am writing this to you. 
On a 2nd note regarding using your system. I picked up golf again exactly 20 months ago when my then 19 year old son stared working at a local golf course. I had played in my early 20s, but stopped for over 30 years when I started my company. I am now 65 and am an absolute fanatic of the game. 
I tried multiple different web training sites and took lessons from a pro on how to increase my swing speed. All of these were not only not helpful, the swing speed coaching just about ruined my low back. I stumbled across one of Todd’s YouTube videos regarding how a shorter backswing will produce better results. From there, I have completely adopted the system. I now regularly hit the ball further than I have ever done in the past. I make much better contact and much more consistent contact that I have ever been. I see improvement in my swing almost weekly. My scoring still sucks, but I am beginning to focus much more time on my short game, so I know the results will come. I know everyone says to concentrate on your short game, but when you are hitting every drive less than 200 yards, as I perviously was, you have to improve that part of the game as well. 
I truly love hitting golf balls now. I have so much more confidence that I will make solid contact and the ball will go (for the most part) where I am aiming, that the overall confidence in my game just keeps rising. 
Thank you and Todd for this. It is a great system, your videos and all of the content on the web site and YouTube are great as well. If you ever need a reference, I’m your man. 
Cheers, Nelson Greenwood

I am proud of the Graves Golf team is always working to help our students find their fastest path to great golf.  As the earth makes a final rotation for 2019, it makes for a great time for reflection. Speaking of rotation, let’s go full circle to the beginning of the year and review five great moments.

7. The Feeling of Greatness – 28 (more) Interviews 


Heading into our second year of production, the Feeling of Greatness Documentary is entering into Post-production after the team, lead by Barry Morrow – Academy Award writer for Rain Man and Producer Nathan Edwards, acquired twenty-eight additional interviews of Moe’s family and friends.  You can find out more about the Moe Norman Documentary at


6.  The AAI Golf School

With the help of Paul Monahan, Graves Golf’s Performance expert, the Alert Attitude of Indifference School (AAI) has become one of our most popular offerings.  Here is what students are saying about the GGAAI school:

Student: Rich R.

Just a short note of appreciation to Paul, Chandler, and yourself for a wonderful experience at the recent Alert Attitude of Indifference school in Phoenix.

You recall that I questioned the value of the school and was not certain that it was worth the time or money.
The exercises, drills, and practical applications were extremely valuable to apply immediately and build on in the future.

If anyone is doubtful about the value of the training – I suggest they visit with some of the folks who have attended the school.

A former doubting Thomas

Again thanks for a wonderful experience 

Rich R

Student: Jack G.

I am a 69 year old low teen handicap golfer who is “stuck” to get the next 5-6 shots off my handicap. If frustration and confusion are part of your game, the tools acquired at the AAI School instructed by Paul Monahan with assistance and coaching from Tim Graves and Chandler Rusk – May be for you………I now have a toolbox that will provide me the skills to get out of my own way (Stop Overthinking), replace frustration with gratitude and get back to the basic concept of why I took up the game 40 years ago – To Have Fun!!!  Isn’t that why Moe was so successful? Because he “played the game” and had fun!!

You will leave this school with a new appreciation of yourself, your life and your golf game. 

Jack G

To find out more about the next GG AAI School – you can visit the school pages here:

5. Todd Graves YouTube Channel

Moe Norman and the Single Plane swing expand to YouTube this year with the Todd Graves Channel.  The channel gained over 10,000 subscribers in just four months.  The channel is a great creative outlet for teaching people about the uniqueness of the Single Plane instruction.

4. Excalibur and H3

On a mission to help golfers lower their scores by improving the most important scoring part of the game, Tim Graves developed the Excalibur and H3 putting trainers designed help you implement the Graves Golf fundamentals.

Purchase it here:

3. The Swing Thing

This year Graves Golf Introduced the Swing Thing – a product designed to teach the proper sequence of the golf swing and one of the most difficult parts of swing motion – the release.  It is impossible to swing the “Thing” incorrectly.  The design helps you feel swing plane when you Plane the Chain.

Purchase it here: Right Handed: Left Handed

2. The Single Plane Life

Why do you play? Is golf important to you? This year we introduced the Single Plane Life. The Single Plane Life is a life where you have fun playing golf again which makes you enjoy your time playing golf.  Great golf, fun on the course and with friends, this is the Single Plane Life.

See Tim’s video here:

1.The Acquisition of Moe Norman

This has been an exciting year for Moe Norman as well.  For the past twelve years, the Moe Norman brand has been in great hands thanks to Graves Golf.  After a brand purchase arrangement with the Moe Norman Estate, Graves Golf has acquired all of the intellectual property rights to Moe Norman. Now the future is in our hands as well.



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