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Volume 6 – 7 Principles Video Series

Principle 6

Learn How to Practice Efficiently (goal setting and time management)

Principle 7

Learn How to Think (mental game)

On your path to a great golf game, knowing how to strengthen your weaknesses and learning how to practice all of the Seven Principles of Golf Improvement is a critical part of building a great golf game.  In the video you will learn:

  • Practice A vs. Practice B
  • Swing Mechanics Practice vs. Target Practice
  • How to Build a Practice Station
  • How to Practice Before a Round
  • How to Use Video and Practice Aids

In addition to learning how to practice, you will also learn how to think like Moe Norman, one of the greatest thinkers on and off the golf course.  In doing so, you will master how to take your game from the practice tee to the golf course; what Moe called the “longest walk in golf”.  In this section you will learn:

  • Moe Norman’s thoughts on:
    • Playing Target Golf
    • Being in Charge of your Thinking
    • An Alert Attitude of Indifference
  • How to Handle Troubles Shots
  • Long Bunker Shots
  • Side Hill Lies
  • ..and much more

By knowing how to practice your skills and learning how to think correctly you can learn how to play golf like Moe Norman and experience “The Feeling of Greatness”.

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