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Volume 5 – 7 Principles Video Series

Principle 4

Build or Buy Clubs that Fit your Game (Know Your Equipment)

Principle 5

Learn to Play on the Golf Course Using your Developed Skills (Course Management)
As you develop you skills, the equipment you choose becomes and important part of playing your best golf.  In this video you will learn some important facts about golf clubs which will help you determine what is best for your game.  In this video you will see:

  • Club Fitting
    • Dynamic vs. Static
  • Fitting Factors including:
    • Length, Lie Angle and Loft
    • Shaft Flex
    • Graphite vs. Steel
  • Swing Speed and Shaft Flex
  • Club Head Types
    • Cast vs. Forged
    • Cavity Back vs. Muscle Back

Once you select your equipment, knowing your equipment becomes and important step before you can develop Principle 5 and learn how to manage the golf course using your equipment and skills.  Skills for managing the golf course include understanding:

  • The Hole Backward Approach
  • Target Orientation
  • Understanding Hole Design
  • Hole Strategy
  • The Figure 8 Effect

By acquiring the proper equipment, knowing your equipment and using your developed skills you can learn to manage the golf course and learn to play golf like Moe Norman and experience “The Feeling of Greatness”.