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Volume 4 – 7 Principles Video Series

Principle 2

Develop an Efficient Short Game (50% up and down) &

Principle 3

Become a Good Putter (under 30 putts per round)
From 50 yards, a scratch player gets up and down (one pitch and one putt) close to 50% of the time while the average 30 handicap player gets up and down 15% (or less) of the time.

In this video, Tim is going to show you how to dramatically lower your score by improving those difficult pitch shots and putt with increased confidence by explaining such subjects as:

  • Specific Club Selection
  • Pitching Grip and Set-up Fundamentals
  • Club Acceleration and Creation of Spin
  • Ball Position and Distance Control
  • Stable Base and Swing Path
  • Flop Shots and Specialty Shots

In addition to pitching, Tim also explains Principle 3, Becoming a Good Putter ad give you specific tests that you can perform to check your putting fundamentals.  These fundamentals and tests include:

  • Ideal Putter Face Alignment
  • Eyes over Ball Position
  • Effective Stroke Mechanics
  • Reading and Understanding Greens

By developing the proper pitching and putting fundamentals, you can begin to lower your scores by getting up and down more often and take another step on the “Path to a great golf game”.

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