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Volume 3 – 7 Principles Video Series

Principle 2

Develop an Efficient Short Game (50% up and down)
Up to 60% of your score consists of shots from within 100 yards of the green.  Improving your skills from this distance (the short game) could be the most important part of lowering your scores.

“I’ve never seen a good player with a bad short game or a bad player with a good short game.”  – Tim Graves, PGA

In this video, PGA professional Tim Graves will show you how to master the techniques that are helping golfers of all levels lower their scores.  In this video Tim teaches:

  • Fundamentals of the Chipping Address
  • Fundamentals of the Chipping Stroke
  • The Multiple Club Approach
  • Percentage of Ball flight vs. Ball roll
  • Common Faults with Chipping
  • Check Points for the Chipping Stroke
  • Sand / Bunker Play Techniques

In addition to the fundamentals, Tim shows you how to practice the short game.  By practicing correctly, you will begin to develop the techniques that will help you get the ball close to the hole and develop your Short Game.

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