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Volume 1 – 7 Principles Video Series

Principle 1 – Part 1

Develop a Sound, Repeatable, Powerful Swing of Ease (the teachings of a master)
Developing this principle is easy when you can model your swing after Moe Norman, the legend known as the world’s greatest golf ball striker.

In this video, you will see Todd Graves, aka “Little Moe”, demonstrate the techniques and feelings that Moe shared with him in their entrusted relationship.  Todd explains in detail such subjects as:

  • The Rod and the Claw
  • The Unified Hands Theory
  • The Tilted Triangle
  • Leverage and Speed
  • Straight Line Motion
  • Stability and Hip Movement
  • How to Produce Clubhead Speed

In addition to the explanations, Todd demonstrates the movements and specific tests you can do to check fundamental positions and motion.  By doing these checks and movements, you can begin to experience what Moe called “The Feeling of Greatness”.

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