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Troubles and Solutions

You must stand before you can walk and you must walk before you can run.  In the process of mastering a skill, there is an order.  This order of learning is often seen as a challenge.  These challenges are the fuel and energy that lead you to a greater understanding.  It is these challenges that will lead you to mastering the skill of striking a golf ball pure and straight.

“It is often that great progress follows frustration.  This is the Yin and Yang of learning the skill of golf ball striking.” – Todd Graves

Moe Norman understood this process.  When he said, “I learn from every shot”; Moe expressed this intuition.  By combining his intuition with dedicated practice and training Moe became a master ball striker; possibly the world’s greatest.  This video is dedicated to the Yin and the Yang of mastering the skill of golf ball striking.

Part 1 of this video includes understanding:

  • Moe Norman’s Golf Swing
  • The Single Swing Plane
  • The Biomechanics of Swing Plane
  • Golf Club and Club Face Mechanics

Part 2 of this video embraces the 5 areas where you might find challenges when achieving this mastery:

  • The Grip
  • The Address Position
  • The Hand and Arm Movement
  • The Impact Position
  • The Stability of the Motion

Let this be the first video to enlighten you to a realization that the golf swing of Moe Norman is an art form.  Similar to the martial arts, there are important aspects in learning the Moe Norman Golf swing that require precise and repetitive physical training.

In this process of troubles and solutions, the student must understand if the movement is faulty and also how to correct it.  This takes self-analysis and discipline, both attributes of dedicated students on their way to mastering and learning “The Feeling of Greatness”TM