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The Single Plane Trainer



Now, You Can Own The First-Ever Tool With “Instant Feedback” GUARANTEED To Transform Your Single Plane Swing!

Introducing the Single Plane Position Trainer…


It’s the first training aid of it’s kind that instantly fixes your swing mechanics.

You’re getting one of (if not THE) most innovative and EFFECTIVE training aids ever created… (Single Plane or elsewhere!)

You now can systematically “spot check” every position of your swing – including your hip rotation!

And because we’ve now added the patented GGA “Own Moe’s Grip” to this training aid – every piece of your swing is in check…

This idiot-proof, time-tested tool gets you on plane and maximizing POWER in just a couple of minutes (literally!).

Finish watching the video on this page and you will discover EXACTLY why this tool is truly a GAME CHANGER.

With the Single Plane Position Trainer you go from “thinking and hoping” to knowing and feeling – truly owning your swing – instantly!

See, what we’ve created here has been honed over THOUSANDS of students and has every feature you need to perfect your Single Plane Swing already built in…

The GGA Patent-Pending Single Plane Position Trainer:

  • Portable 2-piece design
  • Patented Grip Pre-Installed
  • “Perfect Alignment” visual alignment system
  • Now available in both left and right handed models

We wanted a bullet-proof way to give our students instant feedback on every swing position – An Easy Way To Match Moe

And because I KNOW this training aid works, I’m going to guarantee that it is going to work for YOU.