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The Single Plane Solution

The Single Plane Solution is the ideal starting point if you are new to the Graves Golf Academy and/or the Moe Norman single axis golf swing. Comprised of 2 different DVD’s, the Single Plane Solution will familiarize you not only with the fundamentals of the incredible golf swing of Moe Norman, the World’s Greatest Ball striker, but also in all areas of the short game and putting.

The Single Plane Solution DVD teaches:

The Fundamentals of Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf swing including:

  • Grip
  • Single Plane Address Position
  • The Pivot Point™
  • The Mid-Spine Intersect™
  • The Seven Positions and Movements of the Single Plane Golf Swing
  • The Transition Moe – Moe’s Vertical Drop

Before Moe Norman died in 2004, he was quoted as saying that Todd Graves was the only one who “really knew” his golf swing. In the Single Plane Solution, Todd and Tim Graves, founders of the Graves Golf Academy demonstrate the insights learned directly from Moe Norman. These insights are broken down into learnable pieces where Moe’s revolutionary swing can be easily learned by following the simple steps to understanding and feeling the swing Moe called “The Feeling of Greatness”.

Included in the Single Plane Solution DVD are Todd’s insights into why Moe created the most effective way to achieve the ideal impact position Todd calls “Perfect Impact™”. This perfect impact position begins with building a perfect relationship at address called the Pivot Point™ / Mid-Spine Intersect™. This perfect relationship is maintained throughout the golf swing completely simplifying the golf swing the easiest and most effective movement possible.

And there’s MUCH more included with the Single Plane Solution DVD package:

  • The Single Plane Solution E-book – over 120 pages – $47 value
  • Slow Motion footage of Todd Graves swing from multiple angles with Driver and 6 iron – $47 value
  • Todd Graves Practice / Coaching Session – $27 Value
  • Pre-game Warmup / Stretching routine – $27 Value

What others are saying about the Single Plane Solution DVD series

I bought the Single Plane Solution the other day and read it/watched the
video as instructed. I went up the range today to practice the moves and
couldn’t resist hitting 30 balls.

It wasn’t perfect but was OK and I hit a couple of drives to the end of the
range which is something I have never done before!

This is the first time I have ever felt myself hitting from the inside with
the leverage angle maintained until late in the downswing. I have always
come over the top.

I must say I am really excited about how much I should be able to improve
now. My handicap is 14 and has been around that for many years.

Sorry if this is the wrong e-mail address for this type of mail but I just
wanted to let you know!

Chris D.

I wanted to let you know that I recently purchased the Single Plane DVD and Short Game. My ball striking has greatly improved because of your clear instruction. I'm very pleased with my new and improved golf swing. It really works.

Mark K.

I want you to know that I subscribed to the single plane solution a fortnight ago as I was desperate and not enjoying the game of golf at all. My handicap was moving up and as it was currently 22 I was desperate to improve or give the game away altogether. Having spent no more than 2 hours practicing your recommended single plane drills I went out this morning in my local club competition and shot 82 of the stick - finishing 10 up in a par event. It was unbelievable but even more so for my regular playing partners who were stunned at the improvement in my game.
As one of them said ' your game looked rock solid for the entire 18 holes".
What was fantastic for me was that it also felt that way.
Thank you Graves Golf Academy - I cant wait for next week.

Sandy B.

Just came back from the golf course with my Moe swing--I am a first year golfer and played with 3 others who are very long term players and Billy Boy was low man with a 79

Can't wait till I really know what I'm doing!

I guess I'm on course as one of the other players, whom I never met before today, remarked that my swing reminded him of Moe Norman. I guess I'm going in the right direction!

Bill M.

Today we had a surprise warm up in Maryland, 70 degrees. I went to the driving range and hit a bucket using only my 7 iron (walk before I run). Having read the startup ebook and watched a bit of the video I used what I could remember about your program. Years ago I used to hit my 7 iron 150 yards. With my current age (79 this July) I was now settlling for 120. Today I was hitting the 7 iron straight as a arrow for 135/140 yards. I beleive that once I get better at keeping the butt of the club pointing to the leverage point on the way back, etc. I can improve even more. Next time out I shall try some other clubs.
Sorry to bother you with this but I feel I have to tell someone and my wife is not a golfer. If I go knocking on neighbors doors they will think I have gone goofy.

Ed B.

I am writing to thank you for your invaluable assistance and for giving me back the game I love. Seven years ago my handicap was 8-10, depending on how much I was playing. While playing in a scramble, I injured my shoulder while driving the ball (most amateurs overswing in that format). Trying to be a tough guy, I decided to play on through it. Bad call. The following week I was diagnosed with a sprained left rotator cuff, torn muscles in my left bicep and forearm and a sublocated left elbow. The prescription. Physical therapy and no golf for at least 6 months. When I finally tried to play again, I could not do so without pain. About that time I retired and we moved away, breaking up the foursome with which I had played for twenty years. As far as I could see, my golfing days were over.

Six years later I discovered your website, downloaded your instructional manual and began to experiment in my back yard. It was so simple and made so much sense to me that I began to think that maybe I could play again after all. I asked you to do an online clubfitting, and found your recommendations eye opening. I ordered the Graves grips (which are incredibly helpful) and had them put on a set of custom hybrid irons built to the specifications you gave me. The result? I no longer hit the high-arching rainbows I used to hit with the conventional swing. But now I hit blue darts that are right at the green, saving all the lost strokes that come from tacking back and forth across fairways or hitting out of the woods. Amazing!

After practicing awhile, I am now happily back on the golf course. I still have so much to learn, but my swing thoughts are clearer than they have ever been. (1) Nail the grip (a no brainer with the Graves grips). (2) Keep the "rod" straight throughout. (3) Move the whole triangle. (4) Lock down the "claw" elbow to avoid the pull. (5) Make the good hip turn, and (6) keep the (front) anchor foot in place. It's "golf for dummies."

I'm now 71 years old. But I'm playing the sport I love again without pain. The conventional swing that relies on the left hand and arm to "pull the club through" was just too hard on my permanently damaged left arm and shoulder. The Norman swing, which relies on the right shoulder and arm to fire the club through relieves all that physical stress. The short stroke is easy on the back, and when properly executed is quite sufficient to put the ball effectively in play. Thanks to Moenormangolf, and specifically to you, for the best retirement gift a man could ask for.


Vancouver, Washington

Jim M

I just wanted to thank you for the improvements the Single Plane Solutions has made to me game. I bought the original Moe Norman Natural Golf tapes year ago and while they helped me in the short run I drifted back to the old two plane set up and regained my bad slice.

I retired a couple of years ago and was fortunate to get a part time job at the 5 Star Golf resort. I now had the opportunity to play unlimited golf but my game was embarassing. I bought other self help videos and even took a lesson from a PGA pro but nothing worked consistently. Then I dug out my old Natural golf tapes found a VCR and watched them. After searching for updates on Moe's system I discovered your site and ordered the DVD's. All I can say is they WORK. My drive is straight and long and my irons are consistent.

After 32 years of struggling with consistency, I'm finally enjoying the game.


Mark Reynolds
Johnsd Island SC

Mark Reynolds

Firstly can I congratulate you on the SPS DVD. It is probably the best golf DVD I have seen and I have seen quite a few over the years – this one works!

I am trying to keep this my secret, as my playing partners look at me, like why is he addressing the ball several inches behind it.....I think you have a Simple Single Plane Solution which would benefit everyone.

Alan B.

I have been viewing the videos online since I received them yesterday. The short-game videos are very helpful, but the slow-motion sequences of Todd's swing are excellent. Each aspect of his body movement can be carefully viewed and (hopefully) burnished into my brain.

I am very excited to practice what your instructors have taught. Best wishes for success at your golf academy.

Ed W.

Thanks for the video. I received the product last week. I got the PVC and watched the video, read the book, and practiced a bit with the PVC. The next day, Saturday morning May 28th I went out for some golf with friends. I played the first 2- 3 holes the old way and then figured what the heck, now is as good a time as any to start with the Single Plane golf. I normally score 95 – 97. The last time I played this same course I was over 100. Saturday I scored a natural 87. I parred 4 of the last 5 holes. I know my score would have been even better if they hadn’t just aerated and sanded the greens. Also, my back did not hurt and I was not exhausted like I usually am after 18 holes. One other thing. One of the guys in our foursome is friends with the marshal. He rode along with us for 3 or 4 holes and this usually intimidates me. Not on this Saturday outing. I hit some of the most beautiful shots that I have hit in a long time with him watching. He probably thought it was a fluke because he has seen me hit the ball before and knows my limitations. I have a bad back and I know this swing is going to afford me with years of enjoyable golf. Thanks so much.


Wayne M.

A friend of mine told me about Moe and my recent purchase of your instructional program immediately knocked off 10 strokes and increased my drives by 30 yards. Thank you very much, I will be reviewing the program all winter.

Scott N.

My game has been a steady downhill process. At 64 years old, I know I'm going to lose some, but the two plane swing was doing nothing but hurting my back and knee. Since I've ordered your DVD (I watch it every day) and bought the ball trainer, Ive hit the ball more solid and farther. I look forward to your news letters and info...Thanks for your help

Bill B.

I am writing this small note to tell you how thankful I am for the e-book and now dvd's that I received the other day. I am a 8.5 hdcp that has been struggling with his game for about a year and a half . I've taken several lessons in that time that haven't help one bit. I order your tape and e-book last week, watched the tape practiced the next morning for about 20 mins. then went out and shot a 3 over par 74 at my home course. and today without any practice and a very rocky front 9 of 43 still came back and shot a 3 under par back 9 for a 76. I am hooked and loving it at 52 yrs young. I'm hitting everything farther and straighter than ever and the only reason I played so bad on the front was because I kept hitting everything long. Once I re-calibrated my yardages I was good as gold. Thanks to you your brother and Moe; God rest his wonderful soul.

Dave T.

Dear Bro. Grave -

seriously...when is the current NG going to hand you guys the keys and go away? The book/video are brillant in its straightforwardness and simple style. I'm not usually 'moved' by a instruction books but the whole thing exudes a love of the game, the method, your love of teaching, and Moe; surely this will be the opus in single plane instruction.

Good job!!

Sincerely - Bob



I received my SPS video yesterday. Thank you for the prompt delivery. I watched the video and read the e-book last night and suddendly that dim bulb in my head just got a lot brighter. As I went through the video I was using my trianing club for grip practice and checking my posture and stance. I discovered I was not adhering to the recommended set up distances from the ball for the different clubs. I copied the distances and hit the range today. To say my practice round was a success would be an understatement. This new video has and will continue to be my golf bible. I can't wait for my round on Friday.

I just want to thank you, Tim and the rest of your staff for your commitment to making the game "easier" for a us. The Graves approach works.


Todd and Tim,

Received my new DVD yesterday, watched it, and immediately went to the range to hit balls. Without a doubt your teaching methods work! Simple, to the point and I could put it to the test quickly. This is without a doubt your best training DVD ever, especially for those of us who haven't made it to one of your schools yet. You sure make the game of golf more enjoyable and easier to understand and achieve. Thank you for such a great DVD.



With the Moe Norman single plane swing, I've improved from shooting in the 120's to the high 70's!

Chuck Carnivale

You're going to hit that ball down the middle that day and every day... knowing that, that's where you're headed, it's a wonderful thing.

Jeff Turner

Using the Moe Norman Single plane swing, I've reduced my handicap from 18 to under 8."

Russ Graunke

I have just finished going through the videos and the e-book and feel like I just made a very worthwhile investment.
The  "jewel" was in position 2  "you go in and up" and not around. I have thought I needed to go back farther. It makes sense once you hear it, so I hope I can master that.
But, bottom line, Good job.

Ralph Greenway

Thank you for the fine videos and E-Book.  These instruction materials are simple and extremely well produced. 

My golf game has improved as well as my enjoyment of this great game because of your hard work and dream.  I, too, am a believer that our "moments" are a great part of what makes life worth living. I completely understand your passion and thank the Graves Brothers and all members of your team for adding so much to my moments.
Very truly yours,

Bill Stratton

Thanks Todd, I received your new DVD today and I håve already watched it twice.  Great DVD, I think you broke the swing down better than I have ever understood before, I guess I am just a slow learner.  Tim and you are great together, don't ever give it up.  


Dave Stutler

Todd, your commitment to continue to improve your teaching methodologies and passion for simplifying the golf swing through Moe Norman's golf swing is, to say the least, commendable and I thank you for the time you have put into this swing method. 

I have attended your golf school and purchased your DVD training sets and although it has not been an easy road for me (I am one of those "hard" learners and took up golf late in life),  I am seeing another level of improvement happen as I re-study the DVDs and do the drills, PVC, impact bag, etc.... My handicap index is 14...when I started 7 years ago it was 30. 

The single plane golf swing is one I will take with me until my golf days end and I consider you and Tim as my "personal" swing coaches.  Looking forward to seeing the improvements in the new DVD.
PS: The E-BOOK combination is a great tool to accompany the DVD.


Thank you very much for your email. I am held up on my journey at the moment because of a right hip resurfacing. I am really looking forward to practicing the Moe Norman way when I am up and at 'em.

Keep up the good work guys.

I must say that I swapped to your method from another method who claims they have the answer. I will not say who it is but they are in every pop up in golf.

The results from your swing was phenomenal, I was up until last week, playing my best golf ever and that was in the 3 weeks I had taken up your method.

Thanks guys, keep up your great work. Here's to little Moe!!!!

All the best

John Bosco

Todd, I received my SPS video yesterday.  Thank you for the prompt delivery.  I watched the video and read the e-book last night and suddenly that dim bulb in my head just got a lot brighter.  As I went through the video I was using my training club for grip practice and checking my posture and stance, I discovered I was not adhering to the recommended set up distances from the ball for the different clubs.  I copied the distances and hit the range today.

 To say my practice round was a success would be an understatement.  This new video has and will continue to be my golf bible.  I can't wait for my round on Friday.

I just want to thank you, Tim and the rest of your staff for your commitment to making the game "easier" for a us.  The Graves approach works.

P.S.  Tell Tim I paid attention to him during our short game instruction in OC in 2007.  My short game is the cornerstone of any success I've enjoyed.

Warm regards,

Lenny Molbert

Todd and Tim,

Received my new DVD yesterday, watched it, and immediately went to the range to hit balls.  Without a doubt your teaching methods work!  Simple, to the point and I could put it to the test quickly. 

This is without a doubt your best training DVD ever, especially for those of us who haven't made it to one of your schools yet.  You sure make the game of golf more enjoyable and easier to understand and achieve. 

Thank you for such a great DVD.

Ed Harper Jr.

Todd and Tim ,
I just finished  reviewing your new DVD.
I want to say that I think this may be your best work yet ! The main reason I feel this way is that in this DVD it is simple, direct and to the point! You do not have a lot of extra dialogue in it.
In addition the graphics are great, you put in the tabs / sections for us to go back to easily, and the addition of showing Moe's swing and his plane lines are a big plus.
Well done!

David Callahan

The new video and e-book really hit the nail on the head. I bought the package since Todd and Tim are so dedicated to their swing system and just wanted to be part of their success.

I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the swing just through your webinars and online materials, and have been working on the swing since before Todd started up the academy, but I was able to pick out two movements/concepts from the video I was doing wrong and have since implemented those changes and went out and hit the ball the best I have ever done. Scoring I’m sure will follow once I figure out my new, longer distances per club.   

Mike Aho

I'm a long term advocate of Moe's method. I've gone to NG schools and taken numerous lessons from a number of their instructors. They've helped me become a decent golfer (i.e., 13-15 handicap), but I've been very inconsistent and have become increasingly frustrated in the last few months as I watched my handicap grow to nearly 19.

A recent round of 99 on my home course was the straw that broke the camel's back! As soon as I recovered enough to think clearly, I realized I needed help.

In the nick of time along came one of your emails advertising the "Single Plane Solution" DVD. I ordered a copy. I watched it 3-4 times. It answered a number of my questions. It took away doubt and replaced it with a system that is simple, straight forward and makes sense.

The result (after just one practice session) - my very next round I shot 83. The one after that was an 88, which included 7 over on the last two holes as I wilted a bit in the heat and humidity here in Florida.

Thanks for a great product!

Andy Myer