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STEP TWO Learning Kit

At Step 2, you have purchased and studied the Single Plane Solution (SPS) video. You have an understanding of the basics for the Single Plane Swing and the short game. You might not be able to swing like Moe yet, but you understand the basics of the Moe Norman model. At this stage you start to teach yourself the Moe Norman swing by watching the videos.

As you attempt to learn the swing, we suggest that you dive deep into the training with the proper drills and practice techniques. The Graves Golf Academy has specific training DVDs and training products that help you understand the model and practice the ideal way. The GGA training aids help you ensure that you are practicing correctly by giving you feedback in every practice session. Step 2 is all about self-practice and making sure you are practicing correctly. This is where you start building the foundation of the house.

Troubles and Solutions The Feeling of Greatness Book: The Moe Norman Story Short Game Alignment Trainer
$64.95 $24.95 $79.95
GGA Grips Set of 14 Throw-A-Hole® GGA Putting System
$99 $39.95 $54.95
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