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More stable head in just 5 swings

See improvement with every swing!

Simple and easy

No more complicated methods

Patented design

Provides instant feedback on head movement through the swing

THE FIRST AND ONLY easy fix to the long time problem of keeping your head still! The difficulty is how can you see if your head moves? The answer is you CAN’T…until now. This training aid gives you the ability to see any turn or sway of your head.

More importantly you can take practice swings while keeping your head perfectly still, and actually groove the feeling of swinging without moving your head.

In as little as 10 swings with the Steadhead you will be changing your swing naturally and for the better, just by following the oldest piece of advice “KEEP YOUR HEAD STILL”, only now you can see it!


  • Clip to center of brim in between both eyes. Make sure that the horizontal cone is level.
  • Focus on the ball and swing (note that you will see the stead head moving in front of your face without needing to look directly at it). Always have your eyes fixed on the ball.
  • Remember to practice swing! You may find that keeping your head still is hard. It is easier to keep it still with practice swings first and then move into hitting wedges, irons and eventually full drivers. See how solidly you hit the ball with a still head and beat all your friends with ease!