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SPG Magazine – Issue 7


  • Pre-Shot Routine By Todd Graves
  • Playing Faster helps you Play Better – 7 PRINCIPLES By Todd Graves
  • Taking Your Game To Course – How To Think By Todd Graves
  • SPG Fitness: The “Fitness” of Golf By Todd Graves


  • Todd Graves // Learning to play
  • Shawn Linfoot // What was up with that groundhog?


  • GGA Schools – The road to your best golf Starts Here By Scott Renfrow
  • GGA Equipment – Carry “The Coach” in your pocket By Trent White
  • From Our Blog – How to Play in the Wind By Tim Graves
  • GGA Equipment – Forged Vs. Cast – What’s the Difference? By Tim Graves
  • Memories of Moe By Tim O’Connor

Digital Exclusive

  • Distance – How to Get More By Tim Graves
  • How to Read Greens By Tim Graves
  • Managing Your Internal Dialogue By Dr. Ron Cruickshank

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