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SPG Magazine – Issue 4

GGA Hall of Fame Spotlight

  • GGA Schools—Shining a little light on the coaches who inspire breakthroughs.
  • Follow the secrets of our overachieving best and take your game to the next level.
  • Alaska’s Bill Arnold enjoys sizzling breakout season. By Tim O’Connor


  • The PCP Principle of the Short Game. By Tim Graves.
  • The Seven Principles: Don’t rust this winter— become a good putter. By Tim Graves.
  • Smashing! How to grip it, rip it, belt, bomb, pipe and pummel your driver. By Todd Graves
  • Move that lead knee so your swing sings. By Scott Renfrew


  • Todd Graves // What makes a hall of fame student?
  • Tim O’Connor // Tales of transformation. I believe! I believe!


  • The Single Plane Swing is the Future of Golf in China.


  • GGA Equipment—GGA Grips: So good you’ll think you’re cheating. By Todd Graves
  • GGA Clubfi tting—Proper shaft fl ex your best chance for great golf.
  • Memories of Moe—Moe fi nds his voice, and the guts to use it. By Tim O’Connor

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