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SPG Magazine – Issue 2


18: Ingenious Moe made Single Plane biomechanics outrageously simple. By Todd Graves
22: Spine Surgeon: The Single Plane Swing is better for backs. By Tim O’Connor
24: Master Moe’s swing—match the model. By Todd Graves
12: Is your practice making you worse? Profi cient practice made easier so your game gets better. By Tim Graves.
14: The Seven Principles: The road to scratch starts with great ball-striking. By Todd Graves
26: How to turn an uphill slope into a launching pad. By Clay Farnsworth
31: Fitness: Angling for more yardage—the key to distance is leverage. By Trent White Columns


6: Todd Graves // My Dad the natural athlete had a natural Single Plane Swing.
8: Tim O’Connor // I’m a Single Plane Golfer and I look different. Departments
10: GGA Schools – Video: Matching feel with what’s real speeds improvement. By Scott Renfrow


16: GGA Equipment – Get big results with GGA Short Game Trainer. By Tim Graves
28: GGA Clubfi tting – Give your game a lift with loft.
34: Memories of Moe – Moe made a believer out of Zinger. By Tim O’Connor

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